Francisco Rodon And Marta Traba

Image To many Marta Traba was consider one of the best art critics in latin america, but to Puerto Rico she was more than just a simple critic, In my opinion one of the driving force that made Puerto Rico Art blossom in the 70. Why do I say this? Puerto Rico  was in a transitional period where most painters where stuck between what was called ” Costumbrismo”, and thanks to positive and negative feedback from Traba to the art community, Puerto Rico started Producing what I consider the greatest decade of Modern Puertorrican Art, Take for Example Francisco Rodon painting of Luis Munoz Marin, Julio Rosado del Valle Abstract Expressionist painting and Myrna Baez Works. Not many people know this information but the best work in Rodon case was consider a project called “Personajes” which started in 1971 and Needless to say his First painting wasn’t Luis Munoz Marin, It was Marta Traba a 73 by 50 canvas painting started in 1971 and finished in 1972, Its remarkable to think that he selected her for his first painting on the Personajes Serie. Its sad to say that the the First painting of his greatest series isn’t in a Puerto Rico Collection or in a Puerto Rican Museum instead is Located in Cali, Colombia at the ” Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, But The Picture in this blog Is a Monotype Work which was painted By Francisco Rodon in 2009 which is Located in Puerto Rico Territory.

By Joey Medrano

A couple Picture of Francisco Rodon painting the Monotype of the Marta Traba.




Carlos Santiago The Blender of Dark Colors

LA Paloma Con La Nina
24 by 36 oil on canvas

Once in a while you find a Rare Talent in the World of Art to me is called Carlitos but to others he’s called Carlos Santiago Know who is Carlos Santiago? Well word are  hard to express his genius to me I consider him an Abstract Expresionist painter with a strong influence of non other than Julio Rosado del Valle. It is needless to say his education which is compose by a Bachelor and a Master in Art with a  2 years studies experience in Paris plus one of the greatest mentor Alfonso Arana, His paint its the  expression of a dark radiant color structure Composition. Now!!! What is the quality that bring my attention to his painting? Diversity, I haven’t seen a Artist who has so many diferent themes  but maintaining the same patterns of composition using black color. He’s best works are composed by Las Madonas, Traffics, Flowers, Monotypes and Many More!!!


Many people that are starting collection ask me on which artist they should invest, And I always give them the  Same Answear Carlitos. Once they see his work the rest is history, and I think that this is part of the magic on his paintings. Most of his painting are in  Large Format while He  also works small size sculpture with compositional similarity to his painting.

La Niñera La Negra
36 by 48 oil on canvas
Impresive painting depicting a Accident from an upper view Point
Black and Blue bring the beauty of this painting.
Florero 36 by 48. Oil on Canvas
Simple but with a powerful black statement

“Florero” is one of his First works on the composition of flower vases and You can see clearly that this kind of work has a magical sense to it, when you start visualizing dark tone with the fusion of all the 4 types of blues selected by me for this piece, the final result was magnificent. This is Why I consider Time is Favoring Carlos Santiago because with the pass of time his work have mature into monumental masterpieces that in a near  future we will “ahhh” in the presence of the Them.  In my opinion Carlos Santiago will surely become the next Rosado del Valle of our Generation here in Puerto Rico.


By Joey Medrano