The Modern Classic of Jaime Rosa

Christ Charcoal Drawing on Paper
24 by 36

Talk about rarity in this world and tell me the definition of a Classical in Time. Tell Me More about  this painter that goes by the name of Jaime Rosa. And I will tell you that a young master that surely will Impress you in any moment now. I NEVER liked Baroque painting for me was an old, borring movement until I saw It. What do I mean by It???  It was  a one of the most Impressive painting I have ever seen in my life, which depicted a woman in a red dress which I called it “Mujer del Vestido  Rojo” A simple modern painting with an extremely old dark enviroment normally seen in  works by Peter Paul Rubens which are typical painting from the 16th Century. This Work is clearly depicting a sensual woman staring to the abyss of darkness in a precise but elegant way.

Mujer del Vestido Rojo
Oil/ Linen 11 by 15

A brief description of his work would be simple and subtle maintaing the integrity in composition of light and darknes with a touch of a NeoBaroque style which can only be seen on his work. Fusing modern art with a touch of classical technique to a canvas which only and example of a contemporary reinterpretation of a modern item in a Diego Velazquez setting could  prove my point like this:


For me This fusion created by Jaime Rosa Is a fresh start and evidence that even the old style movements with a little twist ofm art can give rise to a Impressive array of work that can be appreciated by even the most untrained eye. Making this quality the most powerful weapon to its advantage

La pareja 28 x 40

In my opinion there are lots of good artist in Puerto Rico but only one artist that I can recall can achive the grade of complexity of such caliber painting and that is why I consider Jaime Rosa one of the greatest new talents in Puerto Rico and one of the smartest investment in any modern Puerto Rican Art, Because is just a matter of time when we will see Rosa’s work hanging in every Puerto Rico Museum.


The Ipad Bodegon

By Joey Medrano