William Maldonado The Modern Old Master

Portrait of  William Maldonado Mother

Ask anyone in Puerto Rico about our Old Masters and you might end up with the same Answers Jose Campeche, Ramon Frade and Francisco Oller but why Does everybody give us this same answers? Because they are 100% correct instead I have a problem with this, Their Dead… Now what if I told you that this statement has another side to the coin, What if i Told you That I seen Francsico Oller Work on the flesh on the hand of a Ponce Artist, which goes by the  Name of  William Maldonado, Would you believe me? Is a bold statement to say or even write it. But you be the judge by the next two picture.

William Maldonado Hacienda En Ponce
9 by 11 Oil/Board
Francisco Oller
Hacienda Aurora 1898

Who is William Maldonado to me? I consider his work a fusion of Realism with a slight touch of impresionism. In his work we can see the perfect definition of Realism that to me is  the term illusionistic for the accurate rendering of visual appearances with a little magic of the Impresionist movement. His work is sublte but very precise, detailed and accurate representation of  appearance in the  scenes and objects like depicted on the first Image of the blog, where we can see that all small details of the work are not avoided but instead Perfectly plasterd in the board. His Work are subject to interpretation for a more selective type of Collector, because time is the only element that can help in the creation of his masterwork and the average  time of a small work  is about 4 to 6 weeks to get  that realistic look  with great skill and care  for all scenes on the board.

I know a great art historian called Osiris Delgado  who once told me that if you ever want to see if an Artist has mayor talent just give them a blank piece of paper and a  pencil and just wait and see what will be the final product. So I did that,  I Acquired  a Drawing from William and the result has phenomenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plaza de Ponce

My GOD the Compulsion to every detail is out of this world, even the dove in the drawing look so real that one may think  you are being teleported to that exact location in time where this was drawned. Continue reading William Maldonado The Modern Old Master