The Legend of Francisco Rodon

Taking about good Art is one thing, talking about a good artist is another Thing, But when you talk about a legend in the world of art you can only talk about one artist. FRANCISCO RODON. I know that if you visit any museum in Puerto Rico there is a high probability that you will find his work. The 18th Century belonged to Jose Campeche, while the 19th century belonged to Francisco Oller, and with out any question the 20th century was Francisco Rodon.


Marta Traba wrote intensively about  Puerto Rican Art,  most of it where negative feedback about lots of artist and their works but when She decide to talk about Francisco Rodon Work she only wrote a couple words that read “The Man Who Paints”, since that point on it was obvious that he had her blessing.

Marta Traba Monotype
32 by 49 Oil on Paper

Diversity is a good word to use in Rodon case, he’s works include flower, bodegones, murals  and most famous for his Portrait. For me I consider him a Realist Painter with great control of light and color, but again I will write COLOR… Why? Just let me give you a small Example and you again be the judge.

Vendedor de Solandra Property of the M.A.P.R

Simply Mind blowing.

I Still Remember the  time I saw this Painting for the first time, so you can Imagine If it had a huge impact over me. I was in a “AHHHHH” Moment, That was the exact  moment when I really understood what is art all about. Which is Finding that Moment in time and space that gives you like a Spank in the face and make you realise that Beauty can be found anywhere at anytime. Many People Evaluate a artist  based on the prices which a pieces have sold, this will no be the case because Everybody in the art world knows those monetary figures of a Rodon Work, Instead Im more impressed in the Process of making the art itself, Most of Rodon works take more than one year to finish a piece which  thats why his Production is so limited and I think is part of his charm.

securedownload-1 2

Lets meet Los Personaje shall we? Let me introduce to you the Most important series of Rodon Work which took almost 20 years to finalize. Marta Traba Was the First made of the serie in 1971


Luis Munoz Marin which to many is Consider his Most important Piece, recently appraised for $1,000,000.00 in accordance of Telemundo 2014 Interview with the artist.


To me the most beautiful piece from the personaje serie is this one called Andromeda


I have seen lots of Rodon work and I notice that he has perfected his brush stroke but always maintaining his original style which is a constant fusion between figure and light with a touch of a psychological interpretation, disregarding the traditional perspective to cause the sensation of depth. His creations are  based on the combination of bright and dark colors around the canvas which he has been able to reproduce over and over in his works, But don’t think that all of his works are colorful painting because in my opinion the greatest work of Rodon Is a very dark painting based on the Death of his mother Which he called ” La Muerte de Ines”


I know that Francisco Rodon is a once in a lifetime Phenomenon that will be treasure by the PuertoRican People for lots of years to come and I’m just Proud to have been born for his time here on Earth because I know that I was part of something special, which in time people will realize that a legend was being created by Francisco Pancho Rodon in all of his Work of Art.


Note. Only the First Picture Depicting Marta Traba is part of my collection. All other picture where found on books, newspapers and  on Francisco Rodon website.

Hora Verde Original Serigraph

Joey Medrano

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