Puerto Rico Pop Art by Mary Tere


If I gave you 3 Qualities of a Painting and ask you to tell me what kind of art does it belong, could you do it? Bright Color, Simple Lines, Hard Edged Composition.  What if I told you that what I’m talking about is POP ART will it ring the bell? ahhh??? In Puerto Rico??? Nahhh Come on thats a Gringo Movement thats started in the 1950s  RIght???? Well think Again because There One, oh and is a SHE. Here name is MaryTere.

Is funny to mention this because in Puerto Rico the art scene has been dominated by men, but Pop Art is a movement which has been well Avoided in Puerto Rico and still has been greatly represented by MaryTere. Pop Art Is a Fun Movement in the art World,  which I really love the Vibrant Rich Color and Simplicity of the Work specially the black outlines, bold colors and its tone. I think this is the quality that makes it so simple that  every person can enjoy it and Mary Tere is no exemption to this Rule.

Mary Tere

It is said that this art  movement was started in the U.K others tend to say in the U.S, which for the purpose of this blog Is not important but what I do consider important is that Puerto Rico being such a small territory, We can Proudly say that Pop ART is not dead in our little Island. Art critics in the last 20 years have try to banned this Movement by saying that this is not true art is a mechanical process which can not be consider real art, but in some painting you can surely see the complexity of the work like this  example which in no matter do I consider it easy nor lack of talent. Remember  Never to  Forget that art is what you like, not what an art critic say is Trendy. Because if Pablo Picasso  can Pull it off anyone can surely do the same

Mi Musica 32 by 42 acrylic / canvas
Mary Tere

About Two years ago I asked Mary Tere for a portrait of my GirlFriend, I was a little Anxious because I really didn’t think that she was going to like it, luckily she did like it, but I bring you this because there a point to all this, The painting was a 12 by 16 canvas work and I really was impressed by all the small details it had, because I realize that is a great tactice to use bright color with lots of bold black lines making it simple but beautiful at the same time, which made me understand that this is the basic  core of Pop Art,  simplicity with ultra high bright colors jajaja.

Jennifer 12 by 16
Mary Tere

I created this blog to help bring art to people who don’t go into galleries or museums so they can visualize something different, and come on!!!! NOT  many people will understand those ” scientific words” like  NeoExpresionism or Cubism but I know that Pop is a simple word that can express this style of art, and I really think that Artist like Mary can help promote art by starting from basic and igniting that small curiosity in everyone of us, so we can finally see that you need a Andy Warhol painting to feel like you have a great piece of art, because Puerto Rican art can be pushed to the top if we the people only realize the MEGA talent that we have in our small island  is at the same level as American or European Art.


Joey Medrano

Calle luna
Mary Tere





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