The World of Wichie Torres

Semilla Erotica
24 by 30 Canvas

Tell me, If you go visit Ponce and ask any Ponceno who is the best artist in Ponce alive you WILL get the same answer over and over again, Wichie Torres. In my opinion He’s a great humble artist, which with confident I can say he’s the best in the manipulation of bright colors and texture.  He’s technique mainly consist of palette and short brush stroke of plaster painting which is very  indicative  of his Work, Is so Indicative that you can see a Work by Wichie from a mile  away and you can still determine is an original work by him. His work are with out doubt complex, making the integration and  incorporating   impressionist techniques as well as surrealistic elements to his “costumbrismo” paintings. Here are three examples of this technique

Abstract of a Woman Body
Fuego en el Campo

This Piece is without any doubt one of his best work of Fires. Just look at the beauty in the composition of this work with subtle color while maintaining the Focus in the main theme which is in the center of the bright red fire color.

La bomba

 Wichie Torres is a Titan not only  in the art world but in real world, many people do not know this fact but he’s is a survivor of not one but two heart transplants which in my book as a soon to be general medical practitioner is a huge plus!!!! It is clearly that God has bless him in other area of his life now getting back to the art, jajaja  If any person asks me, which artist is the best and safest  investment  in art, I will tell them to buy a work by Wichie Torres, I still to this date haven’t seen a person that doesn’t love his work. In every great art collection that  I seen  I have always expect a pieces by Torres, now my favorite theme by him is Definitely the Quijote HE’S THE BEST CONTEMPORARY ARTIST in Puerto Rico that can Master EL QUIJOTE theme no question asked.

Quijote de la Esperanza
20 by 24 paper

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