The Gicondo Painting of the Month “March”


EL Gicondo by Aby Ruiz 2012

EL Gicondo by Aby Ruiz
16 by 20 oil/canvas

The MonaLisa is arguably the most famous painting in the world, PERIOD… There’s been a lot of speculation about who the woman in the painting was. It’s thought to be a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, but art historian have suggested  that this painting was a man dress  like a woman other have even attribute that this was clearly a Self Portrait of Leonardo Davinci but only the author knows the true relationship.

I feel comfortable telling that this painting is the most parodied work of art in the world,Is being recreated by Andy Warhol, Romero Britto, Banksy, Fernando Botero  and even Picasso in a Drawing. So is no expiation that in Puerto Rico we could pass the chance to do our version of it. La Mona Lisa like thousand of person refer to, it is a charm for every artist to work on because EVERYBODY will recognize it.


Last year I contact an artist called Aby Ruiz and ask him if he could paint me a Puerto Rican Mona Lisa version and boy did he do a good work. The work was a 16 by 20 canvas work called El Gicondo. The painting was a simple black and white painting with a light Touch of pink. At evaluating the work, the composition of the work is simple you can see a typical gaze of the Monalisa like in the original but with out the meticulous work of the background giving it a very modern look to it. The face clearly is no exemption to the original but the simple fact that the painting is not a Woman is the key point for its interpretation. Its a Man


This Is a Painting that commands a lot of attention, once you see this art work by Aby you won’t be able to see it with the same eyes like the first time. To me I really like this painting because to me a good artwork is the type of work that comes at you and for a second slaps you in the face and demands your attention immediately and this painting is surely no exception  to this rule. This Painting has the potential to bring a smile and laugh from any spectator in the room while maintaining the composition of a great work of art.


I really like the magic that this art work produces by itself, You can clearly see in this Picture that the painting has like a flow of modern/ contemporary theme to it that not many painting can mimic and blend so perfectly. Thats is why I consider this Work something special  and worthy of a “solo”review.


Joey Medrano

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