The Parallel Color of Orlando Vallejo

La Ultima Frontera 34 by 40 Oil on Canvas.


COLOR—Color— Red, blue, white, black, orange… The most important thing that an artist should do when working a new painting is selecting the right combination and pattern of colors.  Select a black and everybody know a statement is about to be done, pick a cobalt blue and expect lots of  attention from your audience, But mix them all up  and combine them in perfect harmony and you will definitely end up with something special and to me this is Vallejo’s Work.




To me is very characteristic on his work to expect tons of paint in the canvas applied in such a way that you can visualize a cluster of texture in the work, always black will be present in his work, while Orange is another typical color of his work,  I even consider it his signature color. But I’m my opinion the style that  Vallejo has opted for is still a mystery to me, I still have my doubt  because Artwork that takes liberties, altering for instance color and form in ways that are conspicuous, can be said to be partially abstract, but to me this is true in only some of Vallejo work. Sometime I feel that he’s work has a Abstract touch to it, other day I even see Expressionism on his work but maybe this is part of the charm.  When evaluating some of his work I can definitely see that he has a rapid but heavy brush stroke the kind of stroke that glides on the canvas, while leaving a plaster of oil behind. Here is and example of what I mean:

8 by 10 oil/canvas


I love the way Vallejo seeks to depict the not so objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses of that objects, recreating the sensation in the eye that views the object, rather than delineating the details of that particulate object, this to me is key in all of his work. I can explain this with the next painting note that is a very calm and simple work, not huge on its side but the object is very characteristic of the fluidity of his compositional work, Hey this is not a very technical painting but is a extremely powerful work, to me is depicting a two face, the kind of face that us human have…Yes our two faces the one that we put on every morning and take off every evening. The nice colorful side of our face versus dark not so nice side of us, which is represented with a Powerful tone of black. Continue reading The Parallel Color of Orlando Vallejo