A Female Titan Called Angelica Rivera



Can you mention to me at least 5 contemporary artist from Puerto Rico, which have two XX in their Cromosomes? jajaja  Come on “XX”, This is not Molecular Biology class, So I will make it simple, Female Artist?  Do you want to know why is not that simple? Because Puerto Rico art movement have been dominated by men, but once in a while you get amazed of the huge talent that we where missing. That is why I feel Proud  introducing to you Angelica Rivera, with out doubt one of Puerto Rico best female Contemporary artist.


It is needless to say that  this is a great example of her work, bold and dark color is essential of her paintings with the occasional texture involved on the canvas. In some cases I even sense  a strong influence of Domingo Garcia technique which is superb because we are talking here of a Puerto Rican master with 60 years of experience in the art world  and Angelica has made a great integration of those concept of light colors vs the black essence in her work with notable rough dark composition with strategically beauty, emotional honesty and  again yes!!! bold colors.

Domingo Garcia

Angelica’s Work does not avoid  artistic conventions, implausible, exotic and supernatural elements instead is fill with all of this element that make a great piece come to life, very subtle and precise effects of light is notorious of her work. I think that lot of emotions are used in the creation of this soon to be masterpieces, I also notice that the starting point of the primary importance of the expression in the feelings of the artist is crucial in her creations. Painting with passion and from the heart will only give you the true essence to understand the kind of artist that you are encountering.


If you ask me today in which female artist to invest I would go with Olga Albizu, Myrna Baez but I would surely say that look no further in the contemporary market today because Angelica is a “Must”. She been represented by top galleries like Prinardi which have given top Puerto Rican artist like Orlando Vallejo, Carlos Santiago and many more. I will now show you one of my favorite work by her, strong work with a huge presence, darkness is the prevalence of this painting but The subtle way it was painted make you admire such rare beauty.





What enables painting is the perception and representation of intensity. Every point in space has different intensity, which can be represented in painting by black and white and all the gray shades between figure, time and space, but to me painting is a mode of creative expression and the Creation made by Angelica is for me at the same level of any international renouned artist, understanding this is very important because female artist in PR are scarce which make this a commodity. This world is but a canvas to our imagination. In a near future we will definitive see Angelica imagination plastered in a Canvas for the world to share.


By Joey Medrano


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