Jaime Rosa Painting of The Month “April”

 Cruz de Marta

Jaime Rosa – April 2014

Cruz de Marta
Oil on Canvas 6 x 6

Great art is never easy to find, but every once in a while you find a special painting that is simply outstanding, so this month Jaime Rosa work is selected as work of the month. Taking this painting into consideration, This is a great example of SIMPLICITY at its best. Just a simple representation of a flower that blossom in every corner in Puerto Rico called “Cruz De Marta”


Jaime Rosa Makes an excellent example in the aspect of making a contrast of  light and darkness while maintaining structural composition in the work of art. This painting reminds me of the old master, Rembrandt that had mayor control in the blurring of light. An other aspect that makes this work of art stand out is the texture applied to the center of the flower, which is also very characteristic of Rosa’s work.


In my opinion every art collection in Puerto Rico should have a Rosa’s work as part of their collection, many of his work takes weeks to finalize and taking in consideration that production is low as time and dedication art part in reaching this type of complexity, I consider this is a mayor plus at the time in investing in any artist of such caliber. Another point to take into consideration is that as such young age Rosa is a professor  at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in the area of Oil and Color, making this artist a guarantee master in the near future

By Joey Medrano

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