Felix Bonilla Gerena The Tropical Expressionist

 Felix Bonilla Gerena

“Gitana Morena” 48 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas 2014

If I need to make a very fast but precise summary of  the style and composition that represent Felix Bonilla, three word would come to mind. Abstract, Figurative and Expressionist painter. I stand by my word 100% because in today’s art world is very hard to come by an artist who can achieve such perfect combination. Bright and bold colors has always been present in the majority of his works.

“Paisaje de la bajura al atardecer” 30 x 24 Oil on Linen.

Bonilla’s palette ranges from bright to dark colors and the unique combination of both, using vivid colors that well represent the tropic ambiance of Puerto Rico. The curious case with this artist is the strong presence of nudity in his work which is depicted in a abstract point of view, beautiful latinas which Puerto Rico is notorious of having all around the island, So we can say that Bonilla Gerena loves portraying the most common aspect found in the tropic of Puerto Rico: latinas, palm trees, nightlife and the sunny blue sky.

Expressionist artists are sought to express meaning and emotion rather than the physical reality in the works. So can we categorize Felix Bonilla as a true Expressionist painter? Absolutely!!!! His painting are full of passion and emotion for the tropic of Puerto Rico, specially Isabela which every Puerto Rican knows is a surfer paradise full of his trademark symbol Palm Trees!!!!

“Flores de Primavera” Mix Media on Canvas 36″x 60″

Felix Bonilla has already the talent of any renown master, but one example that I just can let it pass by is the Resemblance of  dutch american artist Willem de Kooning where his work possessed heightened colors and elegant lines of the abstractions that creep into the more figurative works, and the coincidence of figures and abstractions very much like Bonillas Work, but of course inspired by a more modern composition of Tropical Paradise.  Continue reading Felix Bonilla Gerena The Tropical Expressionist