Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo y la Noche by Francisco Rodon


Many art collector tend to think that a Serigraph is a simple process where an artist can produce lots of work in a short time, but it isn’t. A well made serigraph can take up to 6 month to be produce, it will depend in the key factor of Colors… Every color must dry first before applying the second which any color will take an average of 48 to 72 to dry up. Making this Work a tedious one. We as collector think that a painting is more rare than a serigraph but in some cases we are wrong.


Francisco Rodon in 2009 made a Serigraph called  “Puedo Retornar Al Crepusculo y la Noche”  with a measurement of 49 by 35 which was as technical and complex as any painting created by him, the work of art include 115 integrated colors which to my knowledge is the most complicated serigraph made by any Puerto Rican Artists. The Quality of the work is Superb, the eye for detail is impecable and Selection of color is nearly perfect, layer after layer of colors is the main landmark of this paper serigraph.


This has a special thing to its advantage, a perfect selected arrays of color and size which Rodon is notorious for delivering.  The Color arrangement it is the main weapon, no other serigraph in Puerto Rico has this Potential to take light color and dark color and mix them up in such Homogeneous way , till this day I haven’t seen a Person that has a negative critic of this piece instead every person that visits my house is shocking when they encounter such a big but subtle work of art, even a simple photo like this can deliver the visual punch capable of reach.


The original painting for this serigraph was sold at Sotheby’s New York  in 2009 for the whopping price of $302,000 to this date the highest paid for any Puerto Rican Artist, That is why I recommend to any serious art collector to invest in such rare beauty, since this piece already prove acceptance in the international art market and Is surely to become a “Must” in any art collection. Can you imagine in 10 years what will become of this artwork, worthy of any museum if the american or european market analyze the enormous talent found in our small island?

Retorno Al Crepusculo y La Noche On Linen. An Artist Proof of only 7 Examples



Certificate of Authenticity

by Joey Medrano

Note The artwork used in this article is from my personal collection and all the related pictures except


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