Is Art Forgery a Reality in Puerto Rico and How Can We Avoid it?



Art forgery is  creating and selling of works of art which are falsely accredited to other, usually more famous, artists. Art forgery can be extremely lucrative which this has been the case with Augusto Marin, John Balossi, Angel Botello, Julio Rosado del Valle and Olga Albizu in Puerto Rico. A thing they all have in common is that their work are really valuable in price and  all artist are dead which make this into a bigger problem. Who is the one that can decide what piece is “ok” and which is ” not so ok”, Because most of this artist never issued Certify of Authenticity at the time of the sale.  Modern dating techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler but this type of service are not that common in the art community here in Puerto Rico. Every time an expert is fooled by a fake, the faker has once again taught us that connoisseurship is not to be trusted. More important, we’re reminded that the whole idea of a unique artistic “touch,” along with the ideal of “authenticity” that goes with it, may be beside the point in our understanding of art.


Puerto Rico Economy is not at is best at this moment, and lots of people are taking this to there advantage selling art forgery to make monthly ends. In the  last 6 month I personally have been offer two Julio Rosado del Valle painting which where all fake at really good prices, The prices where so good that it raised a Red Flag in my mind, eventually all the paintings didn’t check out making me every time more and more selective on buying new art which to me I think this is only the beginning.  I think this  may happen  in a near future where collectors eventually will get  scared off by the danger of being stuck with fakes, making prices fall even more.

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