Where the Fcuk is Ismael Figueroa … Missing In Action ?

I always say that you can tell a lot of any artist by just looking at one painting. Located in Ponce there is a hidden genius WORTHY of any Museum in Puerto Rico that goes by the Name of Ismael Figueroa. The thing is that you may need more than luck just to find him. I can only tell you that talent emanates from this artist. He’s the only artist that I have seen that has the perfect recipe for mixing Costumbrismo and Abstract Painting in a Working Order.

“La Negra En Espera de los Cupones” 10 by 12 oil/panel 2004

Frank Cervoni was one of the best art profesor that Puerto Rico had. Most of his painting are located at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, I will only say this…Frank Cervoni was his mentor so you can imagine what is Figueroa capable of reaching!!! This is the caliber of artist im talking about in this small essay even Galeria Prinardi had a major roll on his formation as a respected artist. But the sad part is where is he? I try to contact other artist to find what has he been up to and many of them simply just dont know, I notice that recently I haven’t seen any new paintings by him or even at the open market for sale.

Las Negras 16 by 20 Oil/Paper

I wrote on a previous artist review that I know a great art historian called Osiris Delgado who once told me: That if you ever want to see if an Artist has mayor talent just give them a blank piece of paper and a  pencil and just wait and see what will be the final product. So Look at the final product of  Ismael Figueroa’s Drawing

Drawing  “All credits go to Galeria Trinitaria in this photo”

Oh and lets not talk about his perfect ability to make a moving like bomba painting with a slight touch of an abstract composition to it, Which I can only name Costumbrismo on Steroids Hahahaha. Continue reading Where the Fcuk is Ismael Figueroa … Missing In Action ?

The Transient Colors of Carla Negron

Throughout the history of Puerto Rican art, women artists have been grossly overlooked. Was the proportion to male artists to women artists so imbalanced that there were simply no art by women to discuss or hang in galleries or museums? The answer of course is no, women artists have always been present, producing impressive art just as their male counterparts specially artist like Myrna Baez, Olga Albizu. Abstract Expressionist Art in Puerto Rico is a Movement that has been well represented in the last 4 decades by Puerto Rican,  we had Olga Albizu 20 to 30 year ago, but today we have a young talented artist called Carla Negron that is offering Puerto Rico a new fresh style that has not been introduce in our art scene for a long time.

“Las Flores Prometidas” 30 by 40 oil/canvas

I been analyzing Carla Negron Work and I seen it always involve recognizable subjects making a fusion of colors, forms, lines, curves, mixed media materials, textures, and the vivid imagination of her creativity. Many of her pieces depict her illusions of color and simple composition in the canvas. We can perceive in a large part, solid objects comprised of unattached moving particles like in the next Painting. The Flow of the brush stroke has something mystical to it.

La Madona 30 by 48 Oil/Canvas


Carlas Negron treats the canvas surface with extreme urgency, in that they are painted quickly and without much “regression” in space, often applying thin layers of paint, or stains, to the canvas while also interacting the use of  thick brush strokes in residual parts. Now Taking this in consideration what about Drawings? I Can only tell you that if you already love her painting you will appreciate even more her simple abstract compositional drawing. There something mystical when you are confronting a rough drawing vs and original painting that can only be appreciated in this technique.  

la foto
“Abstracion” 18 by 22 Mix Media over Board

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The Top 3 Most Expensive Puerto Rican Paintings Sold At Auction

The Auction World…Only two name will always ring the bell Christie and Sotheby’s. They are consider the elite in the art world and any artist that make it to this point is already consider a premium artist. Auctions are the only place where the true market value of the property is based on the competitive bidding this ensures that the price paid for a work reflects the true market value which in turn provides reassurance that you are not paying too much.  Artists and Gallery’s tend to inflate prices through the roof estimating works for thousand of dollars with out any documentation to proof such prices that they ask, which most of the time are not the real market price. Sentimental Value should NOT be included in the price of a painting. Example you enter to the Studio of an artist and you ask for the price of any particular painting  and the Artist ask $10,000 for a painting. What would you do? The smart thing is to ask for recent sold paintings and their prices. So for this main reason I always recommend to look at past auction to really know what is the market paying for such pieces you will not pay 10,000 dollars for a particular painting if in the open market can be bought for way less that the artist asking price, This is basic logic, because in the long run you will lose money in the process. Auctions are a gold standard to rank any artist based only in monetary price but the quality of an artist should never be based in this principal having said this here are Puerto Rico top paid artist.

1. Angel Botello “Nina Durmiendo” has the top spot sold at Christie in 2007 for $397,000


2. Enoc Perez “Normandie” Has the second spot sold at Christie in 2012 for $362,500


Francisco Rodon “Retorno al Crepusculo y la Noche” Has the 3rd spot sold at Sotheby in 2009 for $ 302,500 according to wikipedia

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Cuidad Painting of the Month “June”

Ever wonder how experienced art world professionals separate out the best art from the rest? Me too. So I asked Myself, “What makes good art? To me Quality, quality, quality. This is the subjective key to good art. In all periods of art there are good and bad works of art. I find that defining quality in representational art is easier than in modern and abstract art, But Sometime you find that Work of art that slaps you in the face and demands you to stop and pay attention to it and this Painting Called Ciudad  by Andres Tavarez is a very good example of what I mean.

“Ciudad” acrylic/Canvas 36″ x 48″ 2012.

What is this mesh work of color? Is it Abstract, or may be Expressionism or can it be called Abstract Expressionism? You be the judge but one thing I can say is that Tavarez has a great effective combination of concept, vision and mastery of medium.


Good art is uncompromisingly honest, unselfconscious, bold, ambitious, enlightening, original, challenging, and feast from all of our senses. It doesn’t necessarily have to have all of these qualities, but at the very least it has to keep you coming back for more all this feeling where present when I saw this 36 by 48 painting. The black bold color made this a mysterious painting, the jackson pollock drip style on the top that gave it a free style composition and the silhouette on the bottom gave a partially abstract construction which made this a great fusion art work.

Details of a drip style incorporated into this painting

Andres Tavarez is the kind of artist that  has the capacity to reinvent their creativity through various skills and mediums. This is a great quality in him, one day you may see a painting of a beautiful vineyard other days a material composition of a Boot with Holes and from time to time painting like the “Ciudad”. Creativity  is not an ability but a talent. It is considered a must talent if you want to emerge as an expresionist abstract artist and Tavarez has prove this once again with his colosal painting called La ciudad thats the main reason why I felt in love with this piece from the moment I saw it and decide to select it as painting of the Month.  Great contrast, Great lights, Great shadows and most of all, it achieves beauty and good execution as a Modern work of art. Continue reading Cuidad Painting of the Month “June”

The Forgotten Collage of 1970 by Julio Rosado del Valle


Is been almost 45 years in 1970 Julio Rosado de Valle made a very special dark paper collage named “Abstraccion” it was a 22.5 by 30.5 inch abstract art work which depicted a great example of Rosado master talent in the Abstract movement.  All the pieces where rumor to be unsigned which made this a not so sought after piece in 1970. Two years later It was publish by the Catalogue of the 2nd Bienal of San Juan in 1972 clarifying all doubts related to this collage, at the same time making this unsigned piece a documented piece by Rosado del Valle. It was later discover that Rosado never signed one of them, that it was part of his idea for all the 100 collage


On today art market prices of this collage can even reach $3,000.00 dollars, not so bad for investor who decide to invest in such rare piece. Till this date this is the only documented collage I seen made by Julio Rosado and to me as a collector this is a Win,Win situation knowing that not many collector have such a quality work of art by him. Pieces like this are a Perfect example of what a serious collector should look in a Work of Art.

Image July of the year 2000 a huge fire destroys a warehouse in Carolina. The curious thing is that not many people knew that Julio Rosado del Valle used to store over 2,500 original work in that same storage facility shrinking drastically the quantity of work available to the public. Who know how many Collage where also destroy in this fire, making this piece rare to find in the open market. In my opinion is a beautiful collage worthy of any museum and without doubt a perfect example documenting that Julio Rosado was way ahead of his time as a Puerto Rican Artist. We should feel blessed that Example like this are still around so we can always remember the best Puerto Rican abstract painter of the last century.


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