The Forgotten Collage of 1970 by Julio Rosado del Valle


Is been almost 45 years in 1970 Julio Rosado de Valle made a very special dark paper collage named “Abstraccion” it was a 22.5 by 30.5 inch abstract art work which depicted a great example of Rosado master talent in the Abstract movement.  All the pieces where rumor to be unsigned which made this a not so sought after piece in 1970. Two years later It was publish by the Catalogue of the 2nd Bienal of San Juan in 1972 clarifying all doubts related to this collage, at the same time making this unsigned piece a documented piece by Rosado del Valle. It was later discover that Rosado never signed one of them, that it was part of his idea for all the 100 collage


On today art market prices of this collage can even reach $3,000.00 dollars, not so bad for investor who decide to invest in such rare piece. Till this date this is the only documented collage I seen made by Julio Rosado and to me as a collector this is a Win,Win situation knowing that not many collector have such a quality work of art by him. Pieces like this are a Perfect example of what a serious collector should look in a Work of Art.

Image July of the year 2000 a huge fire destroys a warehouse in Carolina. The curious thing is that not many people knew that Julio Rosado del Valle used to store over 2,500 original work in that same storage facility shrinking drastically the quantity of work available to the public. Who know how many Collage where also destroy in this fire, making this piece rare to find in the open market. In my opinion is a beautiful collage worthy of any museum and without doubt a perfect example documenting that Julio Rosado was way ahead of his time as a Puerto Rican Artist. We should feel blessed that Example like this are still around so we can always remember the best Puerto Rican abstract painter of the last century.



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