The Transient Colors of Carla Negron

Throughout the history of Puerto Rican art, women artists have been grossly overlooked. Was the proportion to male artists to women artists so imbalanced that there were simply no art by women to discuss or hang in galleries or museums? The answer of course is no, women artists have always been present, producing impressive art just as their male counterparts specially artist like Myrna Baez, Olga Albizu. Abstract Expressionist Art in Puerto Rico is a Movement that has been well represented in the last 4 decades by Puerto Rican,  we had Olga Albizu 20 to 30 year ago, but today we have a young talented artist called Carla Negron that is offering Puerto Rico a new fresh style that has not been introduce in our art scene for a long time.

“Las Flores Prometidas” 30 by 40 oil/canvas

I been analyzing Carla Negron Work and I seen it always involve recognizable subjects making a fusion of colors, forms, lines, curves, mixed media materials, textures, and the vivid imagination of her creativity. Many of her pieces depict her illusions of color and simple composition in the canvas. We can perceive in a large part, solid objects comprised of unattached moving particles like in the next Painting. The Flow of the brush stroke has something mystical to it.

La Madona 30 by 48 Oil/Canvas


Carlas Negron treats the canvas surface with extreme urgency, in that they are painted quickly and without much “regression” in space, often applying thin layers of paint, or stains, to the canvas while also interacting the use of  thick brush strokes in residual parts. Now Taking this in consideration what about Drawings? I Can only tell you that if you already love her painting you will appreciate even more her simple abstract compositional drawing. There something mystical when you are confronting a rough drawing vs and original painting that can only be appreciated in this technique.  

la foto
“Abstracion” 18 by 22 Mix Media over Board

10474639_10152237932284021_1197839453_n securedownload

El Poeta Vitali Zulño 33 by 42 Mix on Canvas

An article that I wrote about 3 month ago I talked about “Self Portrait” which I define the self-portrait is without doubt one of the deepest analysis exercises which an artist can do. Normally it  implies that the artist must have total knowledge of his own anatomy  and the ability to translates and recreates the characteristics of his own face, which is not a simple task in the point of view of a psychological aspect of making a precise and pure example of what he consider correct of the artist itself and Carla Negron employs the great task of the Self Portrait Exercise in a Simple but Fun way of making a correct representation of the blond young artist she is.

Self Portrait “La Que Vive En Mi” 18 by 24 Paper/Oil

A good Investment is  always a Priority when buying art in most of the cases, but in the case of Carla Negron we should evaluate that the artist already has her own  “fresh style brush stoke”   based on a modified  technique  similar to the Abstract Expressionist movement and backed up by one of the Greatest Puerto Rican Master Domingo Garcia which was her personal mentor in the past. We should also remember that Female artist in Puerto Rico is a thing of rarity  based that the Puerto Rico art scene has been dominated by male artist given her a advantage of a Premium Quality based on a thing called supply and demand. That is why in my opinion Carla Negron could be on of the top contender artist and worthy of any prestigious or museum collection  here in Puerto Rico, Like I always say: Time is the only factor that Dictates and Determine the Future of any young artist, in this case Called Carla Negron. 



By Joey Medrano


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