Where the Fcuk is Ismael Figueroa … Missing In Action ?

I always say that you can tell a lot of any artist by just looking at one painting. Located in Ponce there is a hidden genius WORTHY of any Museum in Puerto Rico that goes by the Name of Ismael Figueroa. The thing is that you may need more than luck just to find him. I can only tell you that talent emanates from this artist. He’s the only artist that I have seen that has the perfect recipe for mixing Costumbrismo and Abstract Painting in a Working Order.

“La Negra En Espera de los Cupones” 10 by 12 oil/panel 2004

Frank Cervoni was one of the best art profesor that Puerto Rico had. Most of his painting are located at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, I will only say this…Frank Cervoni was his mentor so you can imagine what is Figueroa capable of reaching!!! This is the caliber of artist im talking about in this small essay even Galeria Prinardi had a major roll on his formation as a respected artist. But the sad part is where is he? I try to contact other artist to find what has he been up to and many of them simply just dont know, I notice that recently I haven’t seen any new paintings by him or even at the open market for sale.

Las Negras 16 by 20 Oil/Paper

I wrote on a previous artist review that I know a great art historian called Osiris Delgado who once told me: That if you ever want to see if an Artist has mayor talent just give them a blank piece of paper and a  pencil and just wait and see what will be the final product. So Look at the final product of  Ismael Figueroa’s Drawing

Drawing  “All credits go to Galeria Trinitaria in this photo”

Oh and lets not talk about his perfect ability to make a moving like bomba painting with a slight touch of an abstract composition to it, Which I can only name Costumbrismo on Steroids Hahahaha. Continue reading Where the Fcuk is Ismael Figueroa … Missing In Action ?