“Con Mis Propias Manos Me Abrazo” Painting of the Month “August”

Breath taking is this 30 x 48 oil and enamel canvas painting by Carla Negron.  This is with out doubt one of her best work to date. The selected colors blend in a perfect harmony while maintaining the initial glossy richness of the black and orange composition catching your eye and then imperceptibly shifts to a matte fiery red finish with just the slightest change in angle.


The general impression of the painting is  very good in composition and the care of details does not leave anything behind. Carla Negron painting are getting by the date more and more sophisticated. Take this example, here we have a photo of Francisco Rodon Retorno al Crepusculo y la Noche painting details next to Carlas Negron Details. Simply outstanding the way such a young artist like Negron has the ability to recreate a master artist like Rodon while integrating all of the already developed modern style!!!! The juxtaposed brush stroke are the primary landmark of this great painting. I think that we are witnessing a groundbreaking style combining abstract, figurative, and expressionist technique.

Francisco Rodon “Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo Y la Noche” Details


Carla Negron Paintng Details “Con Mis Propias MAnos Me Abrazo”

There is no distinction between foreground and background; the shapes of the painting seem to be stacked on top of each other fragmented facets of orange and browns.  This painting virtually envelopes any observer with its presence.  The painting does not have a limited palette, yet the colors she used were bold and expressive. Her chromatic explorations, which emphasized the potential of fields of unblended color to respond to one another is just perfect Continue reading “Con Mis Propias Manos Me Abrazo” Painting of the Month “August”


Goyita Oil on wood 65.1_x 41.3_cm 1957

Can we consider this painting Puerto Rico’s Mona Lisa? Can We say that this work is by far one of the most iconic painting of Puerto Rico? And the answer is yes!!!! This Painting was made on 1957 By Rafael Tufiño called Goyita. The painting depicts Tufińo’s Mother Dońa Gregoria Figueroa as a strong black tobacco worker and is consider by most his Masterpiece. Dońa Gregoria portrait represents the Puerto Rican Female, as a humble. strong and determine woman which portraits every woman at that certain decade in time. To me I consider it to be a very powerful painting depicting a social reality of what was happening in Puerto Rico almost 70 years. Painting like this make me aware of the true Puerto Rican identity long ago, where we can easily identify with the interests and aspirations of the poor and working people of that period in time. To me that is why I consider this painting, Jose Campeche Dama a Caballo and Francisco Rodon portrait of Luis Munoz Marin as the 3 most iconic paintings in Puerto Rico history. All Puerto Rican in one moment in time will encounter one of this colosal works and Goyita will surely tell its story once again for future generation to come.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.09.02 AM
Instituto de Cultura Vertical Banner of Goyita Painting

 By Joey Medrano

The Iconic Painting Called “DAMA A CABALLO” by Campeche 1785 1/3

Dama A Caballo 1785 13 by 17 Oil/Panel
“Dama a Caballo” can be consider as one of the most Iconic paintings in Puerto Rico art history, But what made it a such a great Painting? It was painted by the titan called José Campeche who was consider as the first visual artist from Puerto Rico and considered as the most prominent portrait painter of all Hispanic America. Campeche not only gained local respect but also international fame. He is said to be the founder of visual painting in Puerto Rico. His paintings fitted perfectly in the Rococo style. This style comes from the Baroque Movement which the main point of this movement was intended to be elegant, refined and highly decorated. 
Dama A Caballo central composition depicts a paso fino horse beautifully decorated with gold and red silk while at a same time immortalizing what it seems as a powerful rich woman posing for us the spectator and inviting us to admire Puerto Rico scenery in the late 18th century. This Painting is a perfect example of the Rococo style and was sold in 1994 by Sotheby’s for more than a $260,000 dollars.   
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.59.57 AM
According to Blouin Art Sale Index
Jose Campeche

(Puerto Rican, 1751 – 1809)

Dama a caballo


Lot 4 – Sotheby’s, New York (May 17, 1994)

Latin American Oil Paintings, Watercolours & Sculpture – Part I (Sale 6563 VERIT)

$ 260,000 USD
€ 224,370 EUR
£ 172,585 GBP
Original Currency of Sale: $ 260,000 USD Hammer

oil on panel

17.00 in. (43.18 cm.) (height) by 13.00 in. (33.02 cm.) (width)

panel painted c.1785


By Joey Medrano

Arte ancestral de Carlos Santiago


Tierra fértil da paso a la obra genealógica de Carlos Santiago Rodríguez

La tierra que vio nacer al artista Carlos Santiago Rodríguez es la misma que ha dado forma a su obra ancestral, dedicada a la memoria de su familia y, en especial, a la de sus padres. El artista,  más allá de integrar elementos que destacan el arte contemporáneo, incorpora tierra en su trabajo. Su arte consiste en manipularla para dibujar el rostros de cada uno de sus familiares: sus padres, abuelos, bisabuelos, entre otros que vivieron en el 1930, conviertiendo la  obra en una autobiografía. Santiago Rodríguez se inició en el arte hace 14 años en la escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan. Hoy día, instalado hace ocho años en Ponce, tiene ante sí el reto de presentar a finales de este año el proyecto de tesis para su maestría en Pintura y Dibujo, de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ponce (PUCPR), compuesto por obras de tierra sobre tela, acrílico y monotipos, entre otras. Para realizar sus obras figurativas, el artista se ha dado a la tarea de conseguir fotos de su linaje familiar. Luego mezcla tierra con pega blanca y pigmentos y, de esta forma, revive e inmortaliza sus memorias familiares. Va más allá al rendirle homenaje con su arte a aquel allegado que nunca conoció.


“Mi arte es uno figurativo y de corte social. La propuesta que finalmente estoy desarrollando es un homenaje ancestral. Toda esa memoria escondida, que por alguna razón se pierde, yo la rescato. Cada propuesta se convierte en una autobiográfica. Los elementos familiares le dan color a la obra. He mirado hacia dentro de mí para encontrarme. Esa tierra es donde me crié y tiene su historia”, relató mientras mostraba fotos de familiares, preservadas como un tesoro. Más aun, Santiago Rodríguez, de 36 años, ha dibujado el nacimiento de su hija Karla Santiago, quien actualmente tiene ocho años. También, trazó en óleo sobre tela la muerte de su madre a raíz del cáncer y con tierra dibujó una memoria que guarda de niño junto a sus padres. Su propuesta artística está compuesta por 25 piezas. Continue reading Arte ancestral de Carlos Santiago

Art 4 Sale Great Investment

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1-For Sale Jaime Rosa San Sebastian “Carboncillo” Paper 5×8 inch
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2-For Sale Carla Negron “Es Como Un Dia Divertido”17 x 25
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3-Carlos Santiago “El Pitirre” 8 by 10 Oil on Canvas. Price $150
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4- Andres Tavarez “Mujer borracha llena de besos” 9 x 12 acrylic Over Board “cartón”
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Mary Tere ” Verte Crecer” 17 by 22 Mix Media Over Paper Price $150


“Untitled” Paper 8 1/2 x 11 Price $50

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Plaza Las Delicias “Ponce” Painting Of The Month

Costumbrismo is a realistic portrayal of the world, expressing an upsurge of national consciousness and a desire to convey features of the people’s life, frequently with an idealization of patriarchal morals and customs while integrating a slight touch of realism. In Puerto Rico based only in my opinion the top artist where Maestro Francisco Oller and Don Miguel Pou. Now take yourself 50 years into the future and with out doubt that spot today belong to the meticulous/perfectionist artist called William Maldonado. This Painting Called Plaza Las Delicia is in fact a great example of a modern costumbrismo painting



The first thing I notice in this painting was the compulsion to details, from the way light reflectes in each building, to the perfect selection of the respective colors of that particular location for the painting, even the way the clouds where painted gives the spectator an optical illusion of movement making this interpretation of Ponce into a very complex art work which is not easily master by any modern artist.

Details- Left Angle

Note: Please Expand picture above and below to visualize details…This painting has a good textures quality to it, you can even appreciate every brush stroke made by the artist while maintaining a subtle composition. There’s a mystical pattern in the blue sky which gives the spectator a suggestion of air flow through the sky. Even in the the tree’s we can notice different transition of green color tone as a suggestion of the different year seasons. Something that I Really liked of this painting is that if you pay attention you can notice people walking in the street as a casual sunday morning. The Building have been incorporated with balcony’s in every floor like the original building at Ponce.

Details- Central Angle

Ten Weeks was the time spent on the creation of this art work, in my opinion time well spent because the grade of complexity that the artist achieve in this painting is phenomenal. Lets not forget that this painting only measure 8 by 16 inches and all the little details are perfectly executed inside this small wood board which is not a simple task. Continue reading Plaza Las Delicias “Ponce” Painting Of The Month