Plaza Las Delicias “Ponce” Painting Of The Month

Costumbrismo is a realistic portrayal of the world, expressing an upsurge of national consciousness and a desire to convey features of the people’s life, frequently with an idealization of patriarchal morals and customs while integrating a slight touch of realism. In Puerto Rico based only in my opinion the top artist where Maestro Francisco Oller and Don Miguel Pou. Now take yourself 50 years into the future and with out doubt that spot today belong to the meticulous/perfectionist artist called William Maldonado. This Painting Called Plaza Las Delicia is in fact a great example of a modern costumbrismo painting



The first thing I notice in this painting was the compulsion to details, from the way light reflectes in each building, to the perfect selection of the respective colors of that particular location for the painting, even the way the clouds where painted gives the spectator an optical illusion of movement making this interpretation of Ponce into a very complex art work which is not easily master by any modern artist.

Details- Left Angle

Note: Please Expand picture above and below to visualize details…This painting has a good textures quality to it, you can even appreciate every brush stroke made by the artist while maintaining a subtle composition. There’s a mystical pattern in the blue sky which gives the spectator a suggestion of air flow through the sky. Even in the the tree’s we can notice different transition of green color tone as a suggestion of the different year seasons. Something that I Really liked of this painting is that if you pay attention you can notice people walking in the street as a casual sunday morning. The Building have been incorporated with balcony’s in every floor like the original building at Ponce.

Details- Central Angle

Ten Weeks was the time spent on the creation of this art work, in my opinion time well spent because the grade of complexity that the artist achieve in this painting is phenomenal. Lets not forget that this painting only measure 8 by 16 inches and all the little details are perfectly executed inside this small wood board which is not a simple task. Continue reading Plaza Las Delicias “Ponce” Painting Of The Month