The Iconic Painting Called “DAMA A CABALLO” by Campeche 1785 1/3

Dama A Caballo 1785 13 by 17 Oil/Panel
“Dama a Caballo” can be consider as one of the most Iconic paintings in Puerto Rico art history, But what made it a such a great Painting? It was painted by the titan called José Campeche who was consider as the first visual artist from Puerto Rico and considered as the most prominent portrait painter of all Hispanic America. Campeche not only gained local respect but also international fame. He is said to be the founder of visual painting in Puerto Rico. His paintings fitted perfectly in the Rococo style. This style comes from the Baroque Movement which the main point of this movement was intended to be elegant, refined and highly decorated. 
Dama A Caballo central composition depicts a paso fino horse beautifully decorated with gold and red silk while at a same time immortalizing what it seems as a powerful rich woman posing for us the spectator and inviting us to admire Puerto Rico scenery in the late 18th century. This Painting is a perfect example of the Rococo style and was sold in 1994 by Sotheby’s for more than a $260,000 dollars.   
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.59.57 AM
According to Blouin Art Sale Index
Jose Campeche

(Puerto Rican, 1751 – 1809)

Dama a caballo


Lot 4 – Sotheby’s, New York (May 17, 1994)

Latin American Oil Paintings, Watercolours & Sculpture – Part I (Sale 6563 VERIT)

$ 260,000 USD
€ 224,370 EUR
£ 172,585 GBP
Original Currency of Sale: $ 260,000 USD Hammer

oil on panel

17.00 in. (43.18 cm.) (height) by 13.00 in. (33.02 cm.) (width)

panel painted c.1785


By Joey Medrano


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