“Con Mis Propias Manos Me Abrazo” Painting of the Month “August”

Breath taking is this 30 x 48 oil and enamel canvas painting by Carla Negron.  This is with out doubt one of her best work to date. The selected colors blend in a perfect harmony while maintaining the initial glossy richness of the black and orange composition catching your eye and then imperceptibly shifts to a matte fiery red finish with just the slightest change in angle.


The general impression of the painting is  very good in composition and the care of details does not leave anything behind. Carla Negron painting are getting by the date more and more sophisticated. Take this example, here we have a photo of Francisco Rodon Retorno al Crepusculo y la Noche painting details next to Carlas Negron Details. Simply outstanding the way such a young artist like Negron has the ability to recreate a master artist like Rodon while integrating all of the already developed modern style!!!! The juxtaposed brush stroke are the primary landmark of this great painting. I think that we are witnessing a groundbreaking style combining abstract, figurative, and expressionist technique.

Francisco Rodon “Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo Y la Noche” Details


Carla Negron Paintng Details “Con Mis Propias MAnos Me Abrazo”

There is no distinction between foreground and background; the shapes of the painting seem to be stacked on top of each other fragmented facets of orange and browns.  This painting virtually envelopes any observer with its presence.  The painting does not have a limited palette, yet the colors she used were bold and expressive. Her chromatic explorations, which emphasized the potential of fields of unblended color to respond to one another is just perfect


I believed that the artist “LINE” is tending in certain directions, and colors of a particular warmth or coolness, that could have particular expressive effects in this work. This painting is dramatic, imaginative, rhythmic a talent rarely found in Puerto Rican Artist. Taking this into consideration this is why I consider this painting as work of the month by the Brilliant artist called Carla Negron.

University of Puerto Rico Carolina Campus

By Joey Medrano

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