Arnaldo Roche In Action

Here is the process for the blue period painting of Arnaldo Roche We can observe a monochrome midnight blue, and the element of the painting seem to be drawn or scratched into the paper. We see that he rubs his paintings with the Item selected for the theme. The curious thing of his work is that you can see and even touch the surface and depth of all the texture that Roche applies to the painting a quality very very Rare in modern art.



By Joey Medrano

Celestino Ortiz The Diverse Expressionist Painter

Puerto Rican art… Every time I think I have seen all the new talents that Puerto Rico has to offer, comes a new artist and rock my mind with its incredible talent. This time is called Celestino a expressionist abstract painter from San Juan. His style is a diverse one, from a symmetrical rectangular blocks of one, two or three opposing or contrasting, yet complementary colors, to a Rothko style painting, Diversity is the correct word to describe him as an artist.

DSCF9495 2
Campo de Energía #4 Acrylic over Linen 48 by 60

This Painting “Campo de Energia” exceed the boundaries of Simplicity, it creates a dense mixture of overlapping colors and shapes luminosity and radiance that exists within the fields of  his perfectly selected color. Elements, such as color, shape, balance, depth, are clearly seen in both of this painting.

Campo de Energia # 5 – 48 x 60

Now I used a Word that I used in the beginning of this review Diversity… This Artist has a talent of picking out every element in isolation and detail and arranging them in deliberate composition like for example the next painting which to me has a compositional device common in cubist compositions leaving the abstract expressionist movement on a stand by, The curious aspect is that this are two different art movement and he still manage to make a great compositional of both discipline. I have always enjoy a canvas with a colorful surface and this one by far is a great art work.

The Maze ( El Laberinto ) – 60 x 36

The background is rendered in flat or patterned in simple areas, highlighting the separation of figure and color. The effects of the juxtaposition of colors with each other maks the painting below a simple but beautiful art work. Simplicity is often the key element in making a great painting and lost of artist tend to forget this. This freely brushed touches of color, make the figures in this painting softly fuse with one another and their surroundings. Continue reading Celestino Ortiz The Diverse Expressionist Painter