La Gitana Morena by Felix Bonilla Painting of the Month

This Month… Felix Bonila Gerena’s Painting called “Gitana Morena” a 36 by 48 Acrylic on Canvas is without doubt this month painting of the month. This Incredible painting has an aggressive thick brush stroke where is strategically placed with high bold colors into the canvas. The painting is merged with images of palms tree, flowers, super imposed by a dark breasts woman, enlarged blasted extremities that reveal a woman that most spectators would widely held as a sexual painting


To this date Felix Bonilla continue to pursue the immortalization of the naked women. Is like a never ending quest to perfect what is to me his trademark painting, his best work are with out doubt the female body, and every collection can not be finished without a Felix Bonilla signature piece. This colosal painting has great color selection applied to it, every color is so well balanced that blend perfectly into space. The blue lines jumps at the spectator as an electrical blue snap into the night, the platinum color blurred into the top make such a juxtaposed impression to the cadmium red that even adds a mystical glaze to it, and if you want to experience a texture frenzy, this is definitely the painting you want to see.

Felix Bonilla Gerena Details of Texture

Palm Tree Detail Surrounded in Texture

The details in this painting are beautifully done, Every painting always has a special area that surpasses the painting itself and to me and you be the judge of this is the upper lateral corner. Where we can appreciate a simple, yet complex atom shaped flower where the combination of color embraces the color skim to perfection on this painting. This flower in real person glow and demands lots of attention from the spectators when its been visualized in real time. Truly a magnificent touch by the artist.

Flower Details

Gitana Morena” has everything a great painting should have, good composition, awesome color, magnificent texture scheme, great size and a even a small magical touch to it. Felix Bonilla is a talented artist indeed which has the potential to have major international recognition, to me the expressionist abstract painting is one of the greatest art movement of our time, and to this date the general public should see and understand the genius behind this great painter. I invite everybody to visit Tripoli Gallery website where you can see lots of painting by this PuertoRican artist.


 By Joey Medrano

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