Angel Botello

Angel Botello is by far one of the most international renounced artist from Puerto Rico and yes I mean Puerto Rico which was his home place from 1953 until his death in 1986. He wanted to be consider as a Native from Puerto Rico, since he won the heart and respect of the PuertoRican art community and was widely accepted as part of one of us. Botello was a complete artist and needless to say he also had great diversity as an artist producing linocut, paintings, serigraph, lithography, sculpture even jewelry in his trajectory as an artist.


Botello’s work is in simple words BEAUTIFUL, he paid little attention to the classical perspective of what a painting should look like, instead he integrated into his work the essence of the objects with pure bold color separated by heavy but colorful outlines which gave them a very modern style. He’s cartoon like faces are by far his most iconic trademark work always followed by a gentle 360 circle to the lateral aspect of the face like this example.

Details of Face

Botello was consider a master in his field, but only when an artist has the diversity of mastering different technique lets say linocut printing or lithograph prints and a superb quality is still being deliver you really know something special is happening. His lithograph where beautiful but his linocut where jaw dropping. His Linocut are really hard to find in the open market with prices varying from $2,000 USD up to $8,000 USD but again the quality of this work are top notch and in some cases as good as an original painting.



Maternidad Serigraph 150 edition

Beautiful Linocut with Original Drawing that was used on the creation of the Linocut

29590347_1_l a21f45776e1c524465262c2accb2879f

Original painting are nearly imposible to find for sale, many of them are always sold at big auction house like Christie and Sotheby’s commanding very high price ranging from $5,000USD up to $400,000USD, but let me tell you something they are worth every penny and from an investment point of view is thought to be consider a safe and intelligent buy. His most sought after paintings are the one that offer his trademark caricature figures, especially of small young girls those are the one that command a higher premium and are perfect example of what many called Botellian Style. A example is this $45,000 dollar painting offer for sale at a auction site in the U.S

Girl With Hamster Oil on WoodBoard
Girl With Hamster Oil on WoodBoard

This painting below is called “Jardin Infantil” and was sold in 2011 at christie’s auction house for a whooping $80,500 USD

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.38.37 PM
“Jardin Infantil” by Botello Original Oil/Wood Painting

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.35.43 PM

Botello to me was a figurative artist but also we can not forget that he practiced other style and  surrealism was one of them. Looking at this painting below show a very different style technique but notice that the color hasn’t changed too much from other painting. Pieces like this to me as a collector are the one that speak to me the most. Painting like this are rare to find since most of them where based on cartoon like appearance. Notice that even in a more industrial like theme Botello manage to deliver a great painting.


A fact that I must add is that Angel Botello was consider the P.Gauguin of the Caribbean he’s earlier work indeed where inspired by this great artist specially the earthly paint tone. I even remember a painting that had great similarity to Paul Gauguin work and the curios fact is that the painting sold at auction for $398,000USD in 2007 at Christie in New York.

Spirit of the Dead Watching 1892 by Paul Gauguin
Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.07.47 AM
Niña Durmiendo Painting

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.07.35 AM

Jewelry was also a part of this never ending talents, This type of art jewelry are extremely hard to come by since not to much where made. These piece is made out of 2.5oz of sterling silver an it looks like a small sculpture work of art. Needless to say is beautifully made.

12359061_1_l 12359061_3_l

The Sculpture is without doubt where the majority of his genius side really stands out. All of the them where made out of copper. Every sculpture has a simple beauty to it, most of them depicts like his painting faces of children, incorporating the most sought after theme of all of his work.

69254tn u0015650big

angel_botello_mother_and_child_d5370366h 259_1

Angel Botello developed his own distinct style and today is recognizable by most Puertorican. His artwork has sold for hundreds of thousand dollars and will only keep on rising, making him one of the top artists of the twentieth century here in Puerto Rico. He will be best remember for his uniquely colored Cartoon like oil paintings but actually these only represent a small fraction of his work saying this I invited everybody that read this Review to visit your local museum to see and live the beautiful work of Angel Botello.

By Joey Medrano


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