Lady Abstract Called Olga Albizu

NO. 7-59″ oil on board 12 x 16 in.

Olga Albizu without doubt is considered one of the pioneers of abstract art in Puerto Rico. She was part of the artistic generation of the 1950s and 1960s, whose artistic production is based on both abstract and figurative style but typically painted in the non-objective style specially in a monochromatic palette pattern.

Untitled No. 137 40 x 49 3/4 inches

Her work  is distinguished by a intermittent pigment with contiguos stop creating strong textural structure, forming an illusion of unity, between color and geometrical forms on the canvas. You could ask me what is the major landmark of Albizu’s Work?  And I would answer the paint-covered in rectangle with many accents in the way of color, shape, and the line that seem to positively accents the composition in every of her works.

Untitled, 1965 26 x 18in Oil on Canvas

Olga Albizu was a defentily a Genious in the abstract expressionist technique take the upper painting for example. The rectangle has a subtle blue energized by adjacent dabs of orange and dark reds. The crimson is a red, or rather reds, brushed rapidly over orange and black, hitting the center on two sides and separated from it on the upper and lower central part by black plaster oil. It is a little masterpiece. Now take  the example of the lower painting It has every color of the rainbow, all manners of paint application, light and dark contrast, even black and white which is the perfect recipe for a Expensive Masterpiece that sold for more than $25,000.00

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