The Innovations of Irizarry

Epifanio Irizarry AKA “Fano” without doubt was one of Ponce Greatest Artist. Is a beautiful thing when you get to examine a painting by him from a close perspective, only in that time is that you realize that the man was a Genius. People tend to think that he’s best work where watercolor painting which do not get me wrong they had a special magical touch that left you wanting to see more, but when you see a Oil painting by him is a totally different scenario.

Epifanio Irizarry work without doubt has the potential to be in any serious museum. His painting and technique where complex and well elaborated. His painting played a roll with color and light that the incorporation of the impressionist movement can be seen easily in his work. You can see in the next paintings that Irizarry tends to fragment different colors of the painting with thick brushstrokes making this into his trademark touch seen in almost all of his painting.

Veleros 14×18 Oil on Canvas 1964
Note the paint on white, or very lightly tinted gounds, all of which add to brilliance of color and luminosity in this painting.

The broken brushstrokes, often just “dabs” of paint, and the high keys of colors, due in part to colored shadows, is the quality that us Puerto Rican love in his work. He work are becoming Extremely Rare to find in the open market since collector have found out that his pieces are on the rise and lot of his best work are exiting Puerto Rico to end up in American Collection. Already I have seen Oil Painitng with asking prices between $7,000 up to $25,000 USD for bigger paintings. Continue reading The Innovations of Irizarry