The Complex World of Luis Borrero

Brace yourself for a Phenomenal Talent. Heres a young artist that is extremely prolific and innovative that goes by the name of Borrero. I can only reassure to the reader that this kind of talent is extremely rare to find in Puerto Rico. In my opinion his work is a rare fusion between a modern baroque movement that I decided to call it Contemporary Baroque. Among the most prominent characteristics of Luis Borrero work is the master portrayal of the everyday aspect of life.

“Untitled”  Oil on Panel 11×14
Man In Tub Oil on Canvas 16×24

His works reflects a wide range of subject matter and technique, employing complex composition of line to produce rich and subtle tones, while incorporating a perfect interest in the handling of light and shadow which only one example come to mind Rembrandt.Most of his painting are very sexual but extremely elegant to the viewer the tactile manipulation of the human anatomy is in other word PERFECT a great example of this is the next drawing where the female counter transfers an erotic expression and gesture, in the use of her human form in this figurative composition.

photo (3)

Encuentro Oil on Canvas 32×24

The obsession to details is off the chart, Borrero is one of the few artist that still make his own pigments which is a time-consuming detail. Even the grinding of a pigment required skill as the particle-size needed to be fine and regular, and a small number of pigments can be damaged by incorrect grinding. The Final Product Is amazing.

482599_553805491304999_118231849_n 536892_553805021305046_1525720505_n


One of the distinguishing features of Luis Borrero art is the development of highly realistic paintings, Something that was very typical for the Renaissance Age. The desire to depict the beauty of the human body is like a LANDMARK for his compositions, they are so well balanced that his skill and the shocking realism of his paintings inspires a mystical aspect to the paintings.

“Enlace” 18×24, Oil on Canvas

Collecting work by emerging artists is the best way to begin investing in art. Emerging artists of great promise is the way to go Value is found not only in the artist, but in the quality of a given work. Luis Borrero exceed both of this parameter I would Recommend to every art lover to visit Luis Borrero Page and consider a painting by this young master since his work is fresh and unique and surely a safe Investment in the long run. My own advice to collectors is this: if you love it, buy it. If you choose well, one day you will be able to sell it for a profit. And if you choose very well, you won’t want to sell a masterpiece by Borrero.

“Resurreción” Oil on Canvas, 16″ x 19″

By Joey Medrano

Note: All Picture and Paintings are Property of Luis Borrero and where used by permission of the artist.

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