Los Tormentos de la Existencia Painting of the Month “October”

Orlando Vallejo is a great modern artist, Painting like “Los Tormentos de la Existencia” are Great example of his best work in 2004 that is why is been selected as painting of the month. The technique of the painting is extremely simple, and to me is what gives so much presence to this painting.  His palette in this painting consisted mainly of somber dark tone with a particularly orange base composition, he shows no sign of developing a vivid coloration in this painting but rather than a strong yet beautifully arranged work of art.

Los Tormentos de la Existencia

Los Tormentos de la Existencia is a 34 by 40 inch oil on canvas painting, A great and interesting factor that this painting has is the texture all around the surface. We can clearly appreciate a vast fields of darkness under different troubled house that express a haunting image of tension that only the artist could express with his brush stroke. It may suggest a disaster it could also represent a state of mind in which the artist was feeling in 2004 but the most important factor is that all those feeling came together and produce a great work of art.


Orlando Vallejo Is a very good Investment as an artist. Taking into consideration that this style of art in Puerto Rico is not Common and his painting are even rarer in the open market. In my opinion any great collection should include and Original Work by Vallejo


by Joey Medrano