The intelligent color of Moises Castillo

Diversity is a key factor which any artist should always have, it plays a crucial and important part for the success of any artist in today standards and is without doubt a strong quality of Moises Castillo work from realist landscapes, to abstract composition and even as a portrait painter making this his top quality as a painter.

“Esperando una Contestación” 48×36 Acrylic on Canvas

In modern art market abstract composition are the most popular theme that an artist can produce and sell which make Moises work spectacular. Subtle brushstroke with heavy texture are his trademark signature for his abstract composition as seen in the paintings below. The perfectly chosen colors blend in such a way where the color is the primary vehicle towards an emotional reaction evoked in the viewer, striped of any aesthetic or decorative emotion.

moises-castillo-71 moises-castillo-191

Castillos recent works are decidedly figurative, a far cry from the vast, abstract works he’s notorious of producing. His settings come together as an eclectic mix of seemingly unrelated subject matter, becoming blurry figurative abstractions that in my opinion are his best work as a more modern painter. The of dark tone with pink contrast background like the work seen here is a painting with a very subtle yet intelligent integration of colouration.

“Abstracto Rosa” Acrylic on Paper

Moises Castillo early works were fixed on portraying things with photographic precision, though with a distinctive attention to detailed surface patterns as often using large masses of solid color and painted with a broad brushstroke. Definitely a more complex technique that Puerto Rico artist are notorious of mastering the “Costumbrismo”. This work has always been very well executed by Castillo but in my humble opinion his later works are the one that command higher price and collectors tend to acquire more thanks to the beautiful arrays of colors and composition brought by the artist.

“Untitled” Acrylic on Canvas

In my opinion Moises Castillos is a very complete artist his works share an emotional intensity, an undercurrent of raw feeling dictated by the use of bold colors, a structure and consistency that leaves the spectator wanting more. Any GREAT collector should have a Castillos work in their collection since already he’s consider a modern Puertorican master and is a SMART investment for the future with a very high probability that his work will be part of every museum collection in Puerto Rico in a near, future making his work a must for any private collection.

Armonía Gestual 32×60 Acrylic on Canvas

By Joey Medrano