The Arquitect Painter Called Enoc Perez

Many in Puerto Rico may have never heard the name Enoc Perez and rarely know that his works command a huge premium at the art market. Inspired by the late Andy Warhol and his screen prints on the New York art scene, Perez developed his own innovative method that mimicked the process of color printing which in some cases can fetch a jaw doping $360,000 for a Print/Painting like the example that sold at Christie New York in 2005 title Normandie.

“Normandie” 80 x 74 in. Painted in 2005.

Enoc enjoys the creation of  sensuous nudes, still lifes, tropical resorts, and modern architectural icons in a sleek aesthetic with dazzling, vibrant colors but his best known for his paintings of modernist buildings that nostalgically capture the imagination that inspired their construction. His technique is a simple one, most of his examples were made via a meticulous process of transferring oil drawings to the media, sometimes dozens of layers of this drawing, by hand then using a brush he gave his work a more personalize, abstract feel, with thick drips and daubs adding texture making this his trademark technique.

enoc_perez_6 2

Normandie 12″ x 16″ Oil Print Screen Paper Edition of 5

Perez also paints retro-ish, slightly tone nudes colors that in some cases get more extreme, tending toward dark, tones buffering the photographic paper transfers that in some cases giving the work a much deeper, more substantial feeling while finally finishing with a figurative and near-abstraction composition. The architect’s trademark buildings, tends to become an abstractions under a vigorously brushed sky in a rich, electric shade of a subtle violet midnight blue. making this another technique employed by the artist.

large 2
“Nude” oil on canvas 2012

Enoc Perez said once in an interview “One of the interesting things about his method is that when he layered enough, it produces a sense of decay, like real life. In a way, it contradicts the sense of optimism that the buildings embody” making this statement true in most of his pieces.

“Fontainebleau” screen print on mirrored paper 22.5″ x 29.75″ Edition of 50

Collectors collect for many reasons. Not every collector buys a paintings because they love them, some buy them in order to make money over time. It depends on the reasons for collecting artworks, in particular modern art. However there are also many collectors who love collecting modern artist like Enoc Perez which have proven to be a serious and creative artist and a safe investmente over the last 10 years. If your reason for collecting is monetary or purely decorative in this case both can coexist perfectly thanks to his ingenious modern technique.

Don Q  Oil on Canvas 80 x 72 in.  2004