FOR SALE-Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo Y la Noche

Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo y la Noche is one of those painting like no other, is definitely a visual poem where the arrays of colors blend so perfectly forming a perfect harmony, which in this case is hard to describe in simple words. To me this work is a very Important painting that was finished and sold by Francisco Rodon at the beginning of 2005. The painting is a Masterpiece with an excessive of 115 color applied to the heavy paper, the work was last seen at Christie New York which sold for more than $ 300,000.00 around 9 years ago. This month was again offer by the oficial facebook page of Francisco Rodon with rumors of a hefty price tag of around $275,000.00. This piece in any collection will be surely become a pride possession and worthy of any Museum.

Oil on heavy paper laid down on canvas 44 1/4″ by 31         Original Painting

If you are the the type of person that loves good art but cant afford such a piece like the original there are other alternative available. Rodon produce a 50 example linen serigraph version that are identical to the original painting and prices in the open market ranges from $6,000 to $8,000. The advantage of this serigraph is that is a little bigger than the original painting of 2005 and make such a powerful statement in any collection like the original would.

Linen Serigraph Version of Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo y la Noche 34 3/4 x 49” 2010
Paper Serigraph Version of Puedo Retornar al Crepusculo y la Noche 34 3/4” x 49” 2010

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