Arnaldo Roche Rabell Painting Of The Month “November”

Untitled, 1990 Oil On Canvas 9.5″ x 13.75″

November Month painting is dedicated to this untitled painting by neo-expresionist painter called Arnaldo Roche Rabell, is a great small painting that is extremely characteristic to his “Frottage” composition that he’s now notorious of producing, he’s technique is to charged objects onto his painting’s surface integrating complex process of covering up and scraping away pigment. Initial impressions are concealed, revealed, transformed, made at once distant and abstract


This painting has two beautiful quick scratches in the upper lateral part which those traces bring out that which is hidden and internal, and  slowly unveiling it, giving the suggestion of a smartly position silhouette face with the complicity of the work resorting to different textures based on vegetal elements. All the texture in this painting only proposes or suggest a profound depth dimension to the painting, which at the end the main point that Roche in this 1990s painting tries to express is just himself in the style of a Self Portrait harmonizing with nature along with his organic impasto.The result, are energetic expressionist brushstrokes that create an intense atmosphere impossible to ignore.

Details of the Signature

Roche in this painting scratches, rubs and make thick layers of pigment onto the surface, leaving visible traces of thick paint for the viewer to analyze, even the signature of the piece has a impasto technique to it. A beautiful quality that this painting has is that Roche gets to present itself as a survivor in nature which with time becomes more as spectrum or even a ghost in the frame. Regardless of its size this is a powerful painting where we can see the “frottage” technique, the selfpotrait and the organic composition all in one, Truly a magnificent painting


 By Joey Medrano