Painting of the Month “Silla” by Angel Botello January 2015

Angel Botello was a versatile and many sided artist who worked in diverse media like oil painting, linocut production to tedious works on bronze. He’s most beautiful work where painting that many art critics tended to call “Botellian” Style Caricature for example like the one below which is a 48 by 36 inch Oil Painting from 1985.

“Silla” by Angel Botello 48 x 36 Oil Over Panel 1985

This painting has a very interesting way of depicting a formal quality of the child’s eyes expression which might suggest a staring contest between the painting and the spectator. The line and movement of the body, narrates an certain aspect of the girl’s emotions to her portrayal in this work. The bold outlines, graceful figure and dramatic contrasts of light and dark, and overall feeling of calm are very characteristic of Botello style in his later work.


The separation of colors reflects an appreciation for discontinuity that is characteristic of Botello work, The autumn palette of yellow, red and white in the painting echoes the dominant yellow ocre in the girls face making a triangular shape that compose this 3 beautiful color. The bold outlines and flatness of the forms in this painting are very typical of Botello stlye. The eyes in this work are the center of the composition because they aimed to convey an strong emotional gaze, so powerful that the majority of the time your are a completed lock to this aspect of the painting

Face Details

This painting is a very significant piece it has all the quality that made Botellian Style so beautiful, the way the color are smartly selected and blended to the canvas is simply beautiful, The simple lines making the composition of the child is superb and the psychological aspect of the stare make this piece a very unique piece. This painting was even incorporated into a Lithograph serie of 150 example which tend to command a hefty premium of $2000 to $3000 for a single litograph. Thats why this painting was selected painting of the month here in our website.

Red Signature

By Joey Medrano

30 x 22 Original Lithograph Hand Signed