The Seed That Will Never Die – Moises Castillo 1964-2015


Moises Castillo winner of a silver medal at the Florence Bienal in Italy, 2007 and one of the most important abstract painters in Puerto Rico history passed to a better life in February 28, 2015 a date that will always be remember in Puerto Rico’s Art History. “Moi” like most people used to called him had been suffering from a chronic renal disease for more than 20 years. Although of his deteriorating health Moises had a very particular quality to him, he was always cheerful, happy and full of life, and any person that knew him could vouch for this statement, Just take a minute to analyze a painting by Moises at the end you will always conclude that the final result of those smartly planned paint stroke where only a , self-projection of his beautiful inner-being planted on a Paper/Canvas. 

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Artist: Moises Castillo (Puerto Rican) Title: Untitled Dimensions: 60.0 in x 48.0 in Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Creation Date: 2014

In these modern times that we live, its truly difficult to find a person who genuinely has a true love for his career, Moises Castillo always enjoyed to the fullest every paint brushstroke created by his hand. His work was subtle, harmonious complementing any eye in the search of pure compositional beauty. The love that he had for his art was so inspiring that he never let his illness get in the way of his creation. Something truly inspiring!!!!


Let not forget a beautiful quotes that goes like this: Behind every man there is a great woman. In this case she’s called Wanda Cruz Vega. a true guardian angel, the faithful woman that stood with him in every moment of the good times and the “not” so good time, in part I must admit that with out her, the creation of so many extraordinary painting would have never been achieved. My respect to you Wanda!!!

Wanda Cruz — Moises Castillo Wife


Talent was never a problem, the composition was fresh and original, all the qualities that made a great painter stand out, where always present in Moises art career, so I beg the People that are in charge of our local museum in Puerto Rico to understand that Moises Castillos paintings deserves a spot in all the mayor museums in Puerto Rico like the M.A.P.R, M.A.C and extremely controversial Museo de Ponce so that future generations can enjoy and preserve his painting thus ensuring that the work of Castillo will be not forgotten 20, 50, even 100 years in the future. We have to turn Moises phrase into a reality “La Semilla Que Nunca Muere”


Im not sad that Moises Castillo was taken away by God so early  we know that he’s in a better place now I know that we will see him again soon but Instead im happy because Moises soul will always be alive in every painting and every brush stroke that he made along his career, Like the British Graffiti Painter called Banksy once said “You die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” so I know that our beloved friend will forever live on those laid pigments that signed the name Moises Castillo.

By Joey Medrano