The Abstract Zoo By Julio Rosado del Valle

Julio Rosado del Valle was a multifaceted artist, with a centralized Abstract Expressionist movement style. The diversity of his career was huge with a global topics such as windows, transportation “BIKES” self-portraits, nudes, family members and colorful animals. This script is fully dedicated to some rare works of animal paintings all found in the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

“Elefante” Size: 44″ x 30 1/2″ Acrylic Over Paper Property of MAPR

Julio Rosado del Valle paintings have become rare and expensive, examples like this are impossible to see on sale because since his death, collectors have been devoted to the purchase of this type of works.  It is beautiful to see examples of good works like the one selected here, it gives you an idea as how Don Julio analyzed, studied and painted different animals with an  accurate brushstroke but still managing to maintaing the abstract composition of such animals

“Jirafa” Size: 44
“Jirafa” Size: 44″ x 30″ Acrylic Over Paper Property of MAPR

The painting “Jirafa” is a great work, however  the orange color helps the yellow center composition of the animal, this work is executed in acrylic paint with a palette knife. The anatomy of the Giraffe is poorly executed but we must understand that the artist just wanted to show the viewer only a plain suggestion  of the animal  located in front of them. That what make this complete serie a true abstract masterpieces.

“Pájaro” 30″ x 23 1/2″ Acrylic Over Paper Property of the MAPR

Children tend to be the best interpreters of abstract art, the mind of a child is full of imagination and creativity, a child is capable to explain this complete collection of animals with only seeing it once. It’s curious that this type of work simple, colorful and elementary were the last periods of Julio Rosado, much like the crayon works by Pablo Picasso created near the end of his life. All the above work are extremely simple, but the chaos in the brush stroke has an order and organization to the line. Is precisely made to project the animal being created. Often this type of art are the most feared and complex for any artist of high caliber, we must remember the artist must segregate everything learned throughout the years and prepare the brain to run an art that is lost due to advance studies and age. In other words regain the innocence and passion that every child experience when encountering paint and paper for the first time.

“Garza” 44″ x 35 1/2″ Acrylic Over Paper Property of the MAPR

By Joey Medrano

Note: All Photo and Paintings Are Property of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

Pez Globo 34 x 44 Acrylic on Paper
Pez Globo  34″ x 44″
Acrylic on Paper Property of the MAPR

José Luis Ruiz Izquierdo “Tocando Guitarra” Painting of the Month February 2015

Jose Ruis Tocando Guitarra 15 x 9 1/2 – Painted in a box lid

Who is Jose Ruiz? a true minimalist artist, his work is limited for sale at the open market, still every good collection in Puerto Rico should have a work of this talented artist. We can say that his work is a photo into Puerto Rico past, where we can see how were the traditions and customs of Puerto Rico back 30 to 40 years ago.


A big mistake is to consider that his work is of little talent and technique. Taking this work of 1992 we can see how the painter had the talent to project an joyful aura countrymen and passive vibes, with a humility that was always present in our people. It’s amazing how he manages to capture the movement of the women as she tend clothes in the open air. Her sensuality is not pass unnoticed as she calls the attention of the man in the window. The flight of the hens is naturally superb, that hunter look projected by the black cat is to die for, and the quiet hammock attached to the house and the tree is almost an iconic reminder of our childhood.


The colors selected by Ruiz are quite basic and of little beauty but nevertheless are very well selected, since the main point of this work was not beauty but instead was to force the viewer to remember without any abstract alteration Puerto Rico 40 years ago. 


The work of Ruiz is relatively accessible in price now a days, but finding one for sale is something else. At auction a small to medium size work may be fluctuating between $250-500 dollars. Everything depends on the year, size, and condition of the work and most important being the subject. A good recommendation is to try to get a piece of “constumbrismo” theme because this artist is mostly known for this kind of topic. The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in San Juan has  a very good example as part of there permanent collection for the public.

By Joey Medrano

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Painter. Studied drawing, watercolor, caricature and printmaking at the Industrial Arts School in New York City. Back to the island, he created his paintings with furniture enamels on cardboard and sold them to tourists near the Caribe Hilton and Normandie Hotels, managing to create more than 900 works. He is one of the representatives of Naive and popular painting in Puerto Rico. Since the 1960’s he has made a consistent body of work. His paintings are characterized by the spontaneity with which the artist brings to canvas everyday scenes of life in Puerto Rico and in places like amusement fairs, plazas, beaches and markets.