Could This Be Myrna Baez Best Painting ?


Inspiring is the work, the word simplicity is the only word that candescribes it. Myrna Baez has created very impressive work-through out her career, yet this painting is simply one of the best and if not the best work of her career. 

Analyzing this work we encounter a woman at a distance watching an empty valley, the presence of the warm pigment is very subjective of her work. We discover that this work can be interpreted as a self portrait of Myrna Baez into the past of her life. The central figure clearly shows an elderly woman facing the factor that can never be defeat… Time. As evidence the main character selects a lateral position with a support center in the hips, clearly explaining the deterioration of the human body through time. It is amazing how this artist has the talent to manipulate colors of light in such a subtle way.


The end product is a simulation of a haze with a brief but accurate image distortion throughout its entirety. This is a trademark that can be seen in her career as an artist, but the way Myrna Baez completed the work with only one person watching the passage of time is something masterful and unique. Works like this are the main reason of why the Argentinean Art Critic, Marta Traba decide to write this statement in the controversial book titled Polemic Proposal of the Art in Puerto Rico, which describes Báez as “the most qualified person that I know in the visual arts in Puerto Rico.”

Actividad: Campechada 2014: Myrna Báez

By Joey Medrano

“I do not want to do landscapes for tourists nor make pictures of the sentimental, nostalgic or folkloric things that people in this country suffer from due to a lack of identity. I am using landscape because I am interested in the form, because I’m interested in color, because I’m interested in the place… I’m interested in expressing: light–that which surrounds us, the shapes that have formed me, that has made me and that move me.”       MYRNA BAEZ

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