La Espera By Celestino

Fragmenting a feeling tends to be a bit complex, a painting has the power to issue many state of mind  if interpreted in the right way for example Some may see this work executed by Celestino as something decorative, others can understand it as a cubist decomposition techniques with great influence to that of the great Picasso while integrating a touch of the meticulous color palette of Francisco Rodon, But few people will be able to analyze this painting and understand that the work is just a self-portrait of every human on Earth and of that brief moment that every person takes in a certain time of there chaotic lives to analyze the true beauty that the every starry night has to offer us.

La Espera 36 x 24 Acrylic over Canvas 2015

The painting “La Espera” is a fresh, modern art work, with tremendous gammas of colors, These new work defines a technical maturity over the past Celestino work, where we can observe a better balance work with many influences such as cubism and expressionism. It is a sophisticated work, with great visual beauty where we can attribute the French term “chic” for the description of the composition. 



photo (1) 2

The details in this Celestino painting shows how the superior objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form giving the impression of a cubist form. The work is very aesthetically that has the capacity to cause the viewer to experience emotions and these factor are largely mediated by its subtle composition with bold strong colors.

photo (2)

Art in general should not be extremely complex, or created with the precision of a mechanical robot because at the end; you will not be able to differentiate a white plain canvas against a white empty wall, instead art must issue harmony, order and feeling, which is the only quality that can makes or break any masterpiece. Art will always be about unbound less creative energy. Art will always be imperfect, that’s what makes it beautiful. Art isn’t something you see, or something you can measure, it’s something you need to feel to understand.

By Joey Medrano

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