EL Bodegon By Domingo Garcia

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El Bodegon 24 x 18 by Domingo Garcia

The work titled “Bodegon” is a work executed in 2010 by Domingo Garcia. The medium chosen for this work was a fusion of mixed media consisting of oil painting, marker and crayon on heavy paper measuring approximately 18 x 24 inches. In the following work we can appreciate a carefully yet intelligently selection of color where they complement the composition. The warm flashes of white suggest an abstract integration of petals where the black color is slightly interspersed with a brief collapse of a red blurring which reflects the depth of the work.


In this picture we see the talent that had the artist to apply strokes and soft color layers on top of each other creating a juxtaposition of tones, along Domingo career the excessive use of black in the color palette was never replaced or modified with another color so this work is obviously not an exception to this rule.


In my opinion, the composition is the key to the beauty of this work. This composition corresponds to the character of the artist. It is powerful, varied, wild yet explosive. The black color acts as complementary, enhancing the red. Placing his brushwork and color contrast in this work generates an expressive sense, the volume of the stain and use of contrast between elements suggests an organized chaos, which is a trademark in Domingo’s work.

Domingo Garcia
Domingo Garcia

By Joey Medrano

“Maestro” Domingo Garcia— Source of photo can be seen at Caribbean Fine Art Page on Facebook

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