Orlando Vallejo “Urbanidad”

Urbanidad is a 20 x 16 inches oil on canvas executed on december, 2015. The subject matter of this painting is over an abstract composition of houses with a simple yet beautiful landscape as a subject matter. There is no specific arrangement to the composition of this work of art. I tend to believe he just painted as his imagination saw the composition inside his mind. Another thing I love is the way there is nothing natural about the way Vallejo used some bold bright colors into this painting while applying thick but very precise repetition of his brush strokes to give some order of chaos into this composition.


This painting has a nuclear blast of texture, something rarely used by Vallejo’s. Also keep in mind that the paint selected for this work was oil which at the end helps give the painting a more thick texture overall and becomes more visually stimulating when finished. Is clearly seen that the paint in this work was applied in a couple of layers starting out thin and getting more thick ending with more vibrant colors as an end result.


To me Vallejo will always be notorious for his bold, dramatic brush strokes which expressed emotion and adds a feeling of movement to all of his works, any collector can instantly recognize one of his painting because of this unique style. Urbanidad has a very diverse selection of colors with some areas of the painting somber and dark color prevail, while other are blazed with color adding a perfect balance between darkness and light.

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By Joey Medrano

Note: The painting titled “Urbanidad” is from a private collection from Gurabo PR.  All photo where taken with permision from the owners