Deciphering The Balossi

In the plastic of Puerto Rico if we talk of horses, some artists will always comes to mind, say Epifanio Irizarry, Andy Bueso, Wichie Torres and even more Augusto Marin.

 But none of them made the horse symbol so iconic as did John Balossi.


The simplicity of the line through the composition of the horse always tended  to catch movement or posture of the creature in several ways suggesting elegance, a quality that Balossi perfected early in his career.


The painting titled “Speed” was an impressive 58 x 48 inches painting on canvas finished on the year 2000. The work itself is a complex work, full of interpretations. In the eyes of someone it could be seen as a sexual painting purely based on their anatomical position, To other it can represent harmony between rider and beast, but in the end what is really been suggested is a strong bond between animal and rider, something similar to a strong united couple ready to withstand anything on there pass. So in other words to some is just a pretty red horse to other it will involve the internalization in the emotion it possesses and evokes as the feeling that was projected by the autor at that precise moment of its creation. A famous statement by Mark Rothko said: ‘If you are only moved by color relationships, you are missing the point.’… This statement couldn’t be more correct regarding the relationship to this painting.

Needless to say the work had extremely well-chosen colors that complemented each other. The red tones between horse and rider clearly marks the central point of composition as the key point of focus. The head of the rider is blended in a horizontal pattern that suggest the motion of the female by the “speedy” gallop of the horse, needless to say the end part was an illusional effect. The work was done at a fast speed. The multicolor background  with blue,green, mustard pale yellow overlaid with the center red horse, amplifies and doubles the intensity of the  composition in this case which is the woman rider on her horse.


Balossi work without doubt has the potential to be in any serious museum. His painting and technique where complex and well elaborated. If any Reader has the opportunity to purchase an original acrylic painting by Balossi. I can reassure that you will instantly fall in love with his work and surely will be a safe and intelligent purchase in the near future.