My Blue Frottage Portrait by Arnaldo Roche


There are days in your life you never forget. I always had a goal to have an original work by the artist Roche Rabell which was reached on my 3rd year of Med School but over time step I started to study his career with books and videos based on his creative process of his work and I was amazed as he took ordinary  objects and integrated into his work, even with the human anatomy.


Knowing the different periods of Arnaldo I always had a great curiosity for the blue period especially with the frottage technique but never in my mind I would thought that Roche would do a portrait of me, but thanks to perseverance and a good friend Walter Otero my bucket checklist was completed this past April.


My first impression was an “awwwwww” moment. I couldn’t believe he’s here to paint my portrait,  since is not the same as sharing some one on one time vs on a expo opening night 5 minute talk. The thing that impressed me the most was the fact of how simple and humble he’s persona is, it made me feel at home.

Thanks Arnaldo for making my wish come true!!!

Joey Medrano


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