A Gallery To The Past by William Maldonado

Next is a collection of several works by William Maldonado, most being  related to the “Costumbrismo”theme. Maldonado has always been known for his play with light and atmosphere throughout the canvas.

Is impressive how Maldonado always maintains addressing a broad audience with his work. To me his work always tell a precise story which often makes a strong emotional connection with the spectator specially as Maldonado’s main goal is aimed in capturing a particular place at a particular time.

His work has a very precise brush stroke in relationship to the composition, is detailed, accurate and always has a great representation of the scenes and objects that he’s analyzing at that particular moment in time, like a modern photographic oil painting.

If you would like more information on the artist the link can be found below.  


Hope you enjoy the next couple of pictures

By Joey Medrano


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