Recently Found Augusto Marin “Colosso”

Marin created several works of art that can be considered masterpieces. Among them are the work titled “Vida ” and “Siempre la limosna”. The importance of this work of art was so big that today they belong to the permanent collection of the  Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. Marin’s daughter tells us that several years ago they found in an old closet some lost folders, what was found purely were treasures lost to time.



In these lost treasures, the family found the original sketches of two masterpieces, plus  all these sketches are from the most sought period by  Marin simply known as the “Colosso”. Less than 8 years ago these works were considered lost, But thanks to the great work by the Family / Succession these drawings could be documented in this page and enjoyed by us the collectors.


Works of the “Colosso” can be found mostly in the most prestigious collections in Puerto Rico or top museums around the island.  Rare? Yes since collectors never tend to sell works of this specific era making them increasingly difficult to find on the market. The technique of this series is a range of multiple loose lines suggesting characters of great muscular build but with a complicated finesse while integrating a cubist sparkles into the composition.



I want to thank Lizzy Marin for sharing these beautiful photos with the page and for showing these beautiful works with the world. Anyone who wishes to communicate with the succession can do it through the link below


Joey Medrano MD

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