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Balada Azul Painting of the Month

Balada Azul

By Olga Albizu

Many time collector deviate from the main point of what art should be. We tend to believe that bigger is better and complicated composition is always the correct formula for a great work of art. There is a Female painter that proof all this wrong and her name was Olga Albizu one of Puerto Rico pioneer in abstract expressionist artist.


This painting called “Balada Azul” is a great example of a Simple abstract painting by Albizu this was here trademark style which in no way demonstrates a very complicated composition, but commanded lot of attention by the viewer. There is a dynamic balance of what seems hardly there against strong, forceful shapes composed of different tones of blue paint. Olga Albizu work requires a patient eye. It does not deliver the immediate punch like a Arnaldo Roche Painting would do, but still there a brief mystical glaze of mystery in all of her work that can only be seen in her palette.


If you ask me, my true opinion of this work  I would tell you that this painting is  ravishing. It has the ability to make the spectator eyes lose focus and one’s gaze melts into the canvases, only to be “awoken” by small, dangerous brush fires where one color meets another. This painting has luminosity and radiance that still no painter that I know can bring to life. The blue color bleeds from one field into another so that we cannot truly say which aspect of the painting has been superimposed on the other. Continue reading Balada Azul Painting of the Month

Jaime Rosa Painting of The Month “April”

 Cruz de Marta

Jaime Rosa – April 2014

Cruz de Marta
Oil on Canvas 6 x 6

Great art is never easy to find, but every once in a while you find a special painting that is simply outstanding, so this month Jaime Rosa work is selected as work of the month. Taking this painting into consideration, This is a great example of SIMPLICITY at its best. Just a simple representation of a flower that blossom in every corner in Puerto Rico called “Cruz De Marta”


Jaime Rosa Makes an excellent example in the aspect of making a contrast of  light and darkness while maintaining structural composition in the work of art. This painting reminds me of the old master, Rembrandt that had mayor control in the blurring of light. An other aspect that makes this work of art stand out is the texture applied to the center of the flower, which is also very characteristic of Rosa’s work. Continue reading Jaime Rosa Painting of The Month “April”

A Female Titan Called Angelica Rivera



Can you mention to me at least 5 contemporary artist from Puerto Rico, which have two XX in their Cromosomes? jajaja  Come on “XX”, This is not Molecular Biology class, So I will make it simple, Female Artist?  Do you want to know why is not that simple? Because Puerto Rico art movement have been dominated by men, but once in a while you get amazed of the huge talent that we where missing. That is why I feel Proud  introducing to you Angelica Rivera, with out doubt one of Puerto Rico best female Contemporary artist.


It is needless to say that  this is a great example of her work, bold and dark color is essential of her paintings with the occasional texture involved on the canvas. In some cases I even sense  a strong influence of Domingo Garcia technique which is superb because we are talking here of a Puerto Rican master with 60 years of experience in the art world  and Angelica has made a great integration of those concept of light colors vs the black essence in her work with notable rough dark composition with strategically beauty, emotional honesty and  again yes!!! bold colors.

Domingo Garcia

Angelica’s Work does not avoid  artistic conventions, implausible, exotic and supernatural elements instead is fill with all of this element that make a great piece come to life, very subtle and precise effects of light is notorious of her work. I think that lot of emotions are used in the creation of this soon to be masterpieces, I also notice that the starting point of the primary importance of the expression in the feelings of the artist is crucial in her creations. Painting with passion and from the heart will only give you the true essence to understand the kind of artist that you are encountering. Continue reading A Female Titan Called Angelica Rivera

New Talent On The PR Block —- Andres Tavarez

“Salinas” grades acrylic on canvas 12 x 12

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to try and push Puerto Rican art into the spotlight in any possible, from remembering the old masters to the new emerging talent. So this is me trying!!!! I want to present to you Andres Tavarez, a young artist with a style of his own, mainly consisting of black line patters with a strong presence of reality alongside imagination. Color is present everywhere.  Some days you can see a very dark painting and other days an explosion of bright colors.  Could it be proportional to the mood of that day expressed on a canvas? Taking into consideration that many contemporary artists use this technique to express their feelings, we can surely see that Tavarez paints from the heart, a very important and key factor in the creation of good art. Here is a good example:

“Tierras de Viñedos” 14 by 20 acrylic on paper

The basic forms, elements without decoration, simple materials, and the repetitions of structures and color give is work a sense of order and a unique quality. When evaluating Tavarez’s work, note that the transition between colors is very dramatic, as evidenced by the selection of vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter.  In addition, the range and diversity that Tavarez is capable of is a very rare and important strength for any artist attempting to break away from the pack.

“Familias” acrylic on canvas 12x 24

Tavarez is not an abstract painter.  He is not a expressionist painter.  And his work is far from realism.  Tavarez integrates all of these disciplines in the power of a few brush strokes.  He is able to move through different painting styles, and get away with it with mastery.  This makes Tavarez an exceptional contemporary artist – one whose work you can’t get tired of. Continue reading New Talent On The PR Block —- Andres Tavarez

The Parallel Color of Orlando Vallejo

La Ultima Frontera 34 by 40 Oil on Canvas.


COLOR—Color— Red, blue, white, black, orange… The most important thing that an artist should do when working a new painting is selecting the right combination and pattern of colors.  Select a black and everybody know a statement is about to be done, pick a cobalt blue and expect lots of  attention from your audience, But mix them all up  and combine them in perfect harmony and you will definitely end up with something special and to me this is Vallejo’s Work.




To me is very characteristic on his work to expect tons of paint in the canvas applied in such a way that you can visualize a cluster of texture in the work, always black will be present in his work, while Orange is another typical color of his work,  I even consider it his signature color. But I’m my opinion the style that  Vallejo has opted for is still a mystery to me, I still have my doubt  because Artwork that takes liberties, altering for instance color and form in ways that are conspicuous, can be said to be partially abstract, but to me this is true in only some of Vallejo work. Sometime I feel that he’s work has a Abstract touch to it, other day I even see Expressionism on his work but maybe this is part of the charm.  When evaluating some of his work I can definitely see that he has a rapid but heavy brush stroke the kind of stroke that glides on the canvas, while leaving a plaster of oil behind. Here is and example of what I mean:

8 by 10 oil/canvas


I love the way Vallejo seeks to depict the not so objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses of that objects, recreating the sensation in the eye that views the object, rather than delineating the details of that particulate object, this to me is key in all of his work. I can explain this with the next painting note that is a very calm and simple work, not huge on its side but the object is very characteristic of the fluidity of his compositional work, Hey this is not a very technical painting but is a extremely powerful work, to me is depicting a two face, the kind of face that us human have…Yes our two faces the one that we put on every morning and take off every evening. The nice colorful side of our face versus dark not so nice side of us, which is represented with a Powerful tone of black. Continue reading The Parallel Color of Orlando Vallejo

The True Art of a Puerto Rican Self-Portrait.


Self Portrait
Julio Rosado Del Valle

The self-portrait is without doubt one of the deepest analysis exercises which an artist  can do. Normally it  Implies that the artist must have total knowledge of his own anatomy  and the ability to translates and recreates the characteristics of his own face, which is not a simple task in the point of view of a psychological aspect of making a precise and pure example of what he consider correct of him. A good advice that I can give to any art collector is, that always buy the ” not so typical pieces” why? This is very simple to answer supply and demand. Self Portrait will always be Rare because not to many artist practice this and  most of the time they are not for sale, artist tend to keep items like this. I have always love to buy Self Portrait to me is a Aspect where you can learn how an Artist looks at himself and this is a great plus to me when acquiring a piece.

 Self Portrait of Myrna Baez
I ask you this question can a self-portrait be the mirror of the spirit and feelings of the artist? According to a dear friend of mine Domingo Garcia this is true.  For example you can determine the particular mood that the artist was feeling at the time of the painting just based on simple characteristic of the background in the self portrait, dark background is very characteristic of a powerful statement piece that the artist want to express, like this painting by Domingo Garcia which is a very simple but dark representation of him at that moment. Note that the composition was a very simple one, only texture can be subjective of the anatomical structure of the face like for example eyes, nose and mouth. The main point of focus is based on that yellow plaster of paint which is the only bright color that can stand in this work, is like the artist put that bright color there so when you see the painting you intentionally focus your attention between his eyes and just concentrate in that point.

Self Portrait Domingo Garcia
Paper/ Oil From 2000

Many art critics have written that the  Main Component which moves the artist to portray himself is undoubtedly linked to a typical “narcissistic” act,  But to me self-portraits  must be carefully staged to show us only what the artist wishes to project, which most of the time will only display something…Feelings. In other cases the self-portrait can be a very effective form of advertising for an artist, especially for portrait painter. Now!!! Sometime you will find Self Portrait that do not hold no resemblance of the artist itself, Is more of a Integration of the Portrait and a his Particular style to end up with a Mixed Work of art like  this Painting by Arnaldo Roche Rabell which to me breaks all the basic rules of a Self Protrait.  I think that this was a Reason why I bought it HAHAHA Continue reading The True Art of a Puerto Rican Self-Portrait.