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Balada Azul Painting of the Month

Balada Azul

By Olga Albizu

Many time collector deviate from the main point of what art should be. We tend to believe that bigger is better and complicated composition is always the correct formula for a great work of art. There is a Female painter that proof all this wrong and her name was Olga Albizu one of Puerto Rico pioneer in abstract expressionist artist.


This painting called “Balada Azul” is a great example of a Simple abstract painting by Albizu this was here trademark style which in no way demonstrates a very complicated composition, but commanded lot of attention by the viewer. There is a dynamic balance of what seems hardly there against strong, forceful shapes composed of different tones of blue paint. Olga Albizu work requires a patient eye. It does not deliver the immediate punch like a Arnaldo Roche Painting would do, but still there a brief mystical glaze of mystery in all of her work that can only be seen in her palette.


If you ask me, my true opinion of this work  I would tell you that this painting is  ravishing. It has the ability to make the spectator eyes lose focus and one’s gaze melts into the canvases, only to be “awoken” by small, dangerous brush fires where one color meets another. This painting has luminosity and radiance that still no painter that I know can bring to life. The blue color bleeds from one field into another so that we cannot truly say which aspect of the painting has been superimposed on the other. Continue reading Balada Azul Painting of the Month

Is Art Forgery a Reality in Puerto Rico and How Can We Avoid it?



Art forgery is  creating and selling of works of art which are falsely accredited to other, usually more famous, artists. Art forgery can be extremely lucrative which this has been the case with Augusto Marin, John Balossi, Angel Botello, Julio Rosado del Valle and Olga Albizu in Puerto Rico. A thing they all have in common is that their work are really valuable in price and  all artist are dead which make this into a bigger problem. Who is the one that can decide what piece is “ok” and which is ” not so ok”, Because most of this artist never issued Certify of Authenticity at the time of the sale.  Modern dating techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler but this type of service are not that common in the art community here in Puerto Rico. Every time an expert is fooled by a fake, the faker has once again taught us that connoisseurship is not to be trusted. More important, we’re reminded that the whole idea of a unique artistic “touch,” along with the ideal of “authenticity” that goes with it, may be beside the point in our understanding of art.


Puerto Rico Economy is not at is best at this moment, and lots of people are taking this to there advantage selling art forgery to make monthly ends. In the  last 6 month I personally have been offer two Julio Rosado del Valle painting which where all fake at really good prices, The prices where so good that it raised a Red Flag in my mind, eventually all the paintings didn’t check out making me every time more and more selective on buying new art which to me I think this is only the beginning.  I think this  may happen  in a near future where collectors eventually will get  scared off by the danger of being stuck with fakes, making prices fall even more.

Continue reading Is Art Forgery a Reality in Puerto Rico and How Can We Avoid it?

Jaime Rosa Painting of The Month “April”

 Cruz de Marta

Jaime Rosa – April 2014

Cruz de Marta
Oil on Canvas 6 x 6

Great art is never easy to find, but every once in a while you find a special painting that is simply outstanding, so this month Jaime Rosa work is selected as work of the month. Taking this painting into consideration, This is a great example of SIMPLICITY at its best. Just a simple representation of a flower that blossom in every corner in Puerto Rico called “Cruz De Marta”


Jaime Rosa Makes an excellent example in the aspect of making a contrast of  light and darkness while maintaining structural composition in the work of art. This painting reminds me of the old master, Rembrandt that had mayor control in the blurring of light. An other aspect that makes this work of art stand out is the texture applied to the center of the flower, which is also very characteristic of Rosa’s work. Continue reading Jaime Rosa Painting of The Month “April”

The Urban Vision of Omar Velazquez



Lately in Puerto Rico Urban Art has made a strong impact to the art community. Can we describe this movement as Urbanism? Because the definition clearly states, is a style of art that relates to cities and city life often done by artists who live in or have a passion for city life. In that way urban art combines street art and graffiti and is often used to summarize all visual art forms arising in urban areas, being inspired by urban architecture or thematizing urban live style. Based on this definition Omar Velzquez work can be categorize as modern Urbanism which make this, a special feature unique to his work, like this example


Velazquez work is Fresh which to me is what puerto rican art need at this moment, something that break all classical rule of what a good painting should be, no more perfect composition, no more finesse, just something creative. In my opinion Velazquez has the talent to become one of the best contemporary artist of Puerto Rico, at short time he has proven worthy of the Lexus Grant here in Puerto Rico soon he will start his masters at one of Chicago’s best schools, Which for me is just the beginning of good thing to come into his future. Taking this into consideration now is the time to invest in his work because surely this artist will make a strong impression in the states and who know if he can become the the next Enoc Perez, making his work a smart investment.

18 by 20 Canvas

Can we consider this kind of art a social criticism? The modernist model of public art, which relied heavily on what we might call abstractionist inspirationalism or on architectural or social critique, had elicited increasing incomprehension and annoyance from the wider public noticing that in the recent year Puerto Rico Financial crisis has let many abandon building all around the island and this is clearly one of the main topic which Omar try to illustrate in his work, making the suggestion of “Chatarra” in one of his recent paintings. The complexity of city life often appears, from a governmental standpoint, to be a troublesome, This is why Omar’s Work is clearly giving us a clear statement of Puerto Rico present in such way which was never tried by many puerto rican artist, art as a social criticism of the financial status in the island. Continue reading The Urban Vision of Omar Velazquez

A Female Titan Called Angelica Rivera



Can you mention to me at least 5 contemporary artist from Puerto Rico, which have two XX in their Cromosomes? jajaja  Come on “XX”, This is not Molecular Biology class, So I will make it simple, Female Artist?  Do you want to know why is not that simple? Because Puerto Rico art movement have been dominated by men, but once in a while you get amazed of the huge talent that we where missing. That is why I feel Proud  introducing to you Angelica Rivera, with out doubt one of Puerto Rico best female Contemporary artist.


It is needless to say that  this is a great example of her work, bold and dark color is essential of her paintings with the occasional texture involved on the canvas. In some cases I even sense  a strong influence of Domingo Garcia technique which is superb because we are talking here of a Puerto Rican master with 60 years of experience in the art world  and Angelica has made a great integration of those concept of light colors vs the black essence in her work with notable rough dark composition with strategically beauty, emotional honesty and  again yes!!! bold colors.

Domingo Garcia

Angelica’s Work does not avoid  artistic conventions, implausible, exotic and supernatural elements instead is fill with all of this element that make a great piece come to life, very subtle and precise effects of light is notorious of her work. I think that lot of emotions are used in the creation of this soon to be masterpieces, I also notice that the starting point of the primary importance of the expression in the feelings of the artist is crucial in her creations. Painting with passion and from the heart will only give you the true essence to understand the kind of artist that you are encountering. Continue reading A Female Titan Called Angelica Rivera

New Talent On The PR Block —- Andres Tavarez

“Salinas” grades acrylic on canvas 12 x 12

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to try and push Puerto Rican art into the spotlight in any possible, from remembering the old masters to the new emerging talent. So this is me trying!!!! I want to present to you Andres Tavarez, a young artist with a style of his own, mainly consisting of black line patters with a strong presence of reality alongside imagination. Color is present everywhere.  Some days you can see a very dark painting and other days an explosion of bright colors.  Could it be proportional to the mood of that day expressed on a canvas? Taking into consideration that many contemporary artists use this technique to express their feelings, we can surely see that Tavarez paints from the heart, a very important and key factor in the creation of good art. Here is a good example:

“Tierras de Viñedos” 14 by 20 acrylic on paper

The basic forms, elements without decoration, simple materials, and the repetitions of structures and color give is work a sense of order and a unique quality. When evaluating Tavarez’s work, note that the transition between colors is very dramatic, as evidenced by the selection of vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter.  In addition, the range and diversity that Tavarez is capable of is a very rare and important strength for any artist attempting to break away from the pack.

“Familias” acrylic on canvas 12x 24

Tavarez is not an abstract painter.  He is not a expressionist painter.  And his work is far from realism.  Tavarez integrates all of these disciplines in the power of a few brush strokes.  He is able to move through different painting styles, and get away with it with mastery.  This makes Tavarez an exceptional contemporary artist – one whose work you can’t get tired of. Continue reading New Talent On The PR Block —- Andres Tavarez