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The Legend of Francisco Rodon

Taking about good Art is one thing, talking about a good artist is another Thing, But when you talk about a legend in the world of art you can only talk about one artist. FRANCISCO RODON. I know that if you visit any museum in Puerto Rico there is a high probability that you will find his work. The 18th Century belonged to Jose Campeche, while the 19th century belonged to Francisco Oller, and with out any question the 20th century was Francisco Rodon.


Marta Traba wrote intensively about  Puerto Rican Art,  most of it where negative feedback about lots of artist and their works but when She decide to talk about Francisco Rodon Work she only wrote a couple words that read “The Man Who Paints”, since that point on it was obvious that he had her blessing.

Marta Traba Monotype
32 by 49 Oil on Paper

Diversity is a good word to use in Rodon case, he’s works include flower, bodegones, murals  and most famous for his Portrait. For me I consider him a Realist Painter with great control of light and color, but again I will write COLOR… Why? Just let me give you a small Example and you again be the judge.

Vendedor de Solandra Property of the M.A.P.R

Simply Mind blowing.

I Still Remember the  time I saw this Painting for the first time, so you can Imagine If it had a huge impact over me. I was in a “AHHHHH” Moment, That was the exact  moment when I really understood what is art all about. Which is Finding that Moment in time and space that gives you like a Spank in the face and make you realise that Beauty can be found anywhere at anytime. Many People Evaluate a artist  based on the prices which a pieces have sold, this will no be the case because Everybody in the art world knows those monetary figures of a Rodon Work, Instead Im more impressed in the Process of making the art itself, Most of Rodon works take more than one year to finish a piece which  thats why his Production is so limited and I think is part of his charm.

securedownload-1 2

Lets meet Los Personaje shall we? Let me introduce to you the Most important series of Rodon Work which took almost 20 years to finalize. Marta Traba Was the First made of the serie in 1971


Luis Munoz Marin which to many is Consider his Most important Piece, recently appraised for $1,000,000.00 in accordance of Telemundo 2014 Interview with the artist.


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William Maldonado The Modern Old Master

Portrait of  William Maldonado Mother

Ask anyone in Puerto Rico about our Old Masters and you might end up with the same Answers Jose Campeche, Ramon Frade and Francisco Oller but why Does everybody give us this same answers? Because they are 100% correct instead I have a problem with this, Their Dead… Now what if I told you that this statement has another side to the coin, What if i Told you That I seen Francsico Oller Work on the flesh on the hand of a Ponce Artist, which goes by the  Name of  William Maldonado, Would you believe me? Is a bold statement to say or even write it. But you be the judge by the next two picture.

William Maldonado Hacienda En Ponce
9 by 11 Oil/Board
Francisco Oller
Hacienda Aurora 1898

Who is William Maldonado to me? I consider his work a fusion of Realism with a slight touch of impresionism. In his work we can see the perfect definition of Realism that to me is  the term illusionistic for the accurate rendering of visual appearances with a little magic of the Impresionist movement. His work is sublte but very precise, detailed and accurate representation of  appearance in the  scenes and objects like depicted on the first Image of the blog, where we can see that all small details of the work are not avoided but instead Perfectly plasterd in the board. His Work are subject to interpretation for a more selective type of Collector, because time is the only element that can help in the creation of his masterwork and the average  time of a small work  is about 4 to 6 weeks to get  that realistic look  with great skill and care  for all scenes on the board.

I know a great art historian called Osiris Delgado  who once told me that if you ever want to see if an Artist has mayor talent just give them a blank piece of paper and a  pencil and just wait and see what will be the final product. So I did that,  I Acquired  a Drawing from William and the result has phenomenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plaza de Ponce

My GOD the Compulsion to every detail is out of this world, even the dove in the drawing look so real that one may think  you are being teleported to that exact location in time where this was drawned. Continue reading William Maldonado The Modern Old Master

The Modern Classic of Jaime Rosa

Christ Charcoal Drawing on Paper
24 by 36

Talk about rarity in this world and tell me the definition of a Classical in Time. Tell Me More about  this painter that goes by the name of Jaime Rosa. And I will tell you that a young master that surely will Impress you in any moment now. I NEVER liked Baroque painting for me was an old, borring movement until I saw It. What do I mean by It???  It was  a one of the most Impressive painting I have ever seen in my life, which depicted a woman in a red dress which I called it “Mujer del Vestido  Rojo” A simple modern painting with an extremely old dark enviroment normally seen in  works by Peter Paul Rubens which are typical painting from the 16th Century. This Work is clearly depicting a sensual woman staring to the abyss of darkness in a precise but elegant way.

Mujer del Vestido Rojo
Oil/ Linen 11 by 15

A brief description of his work would be simple and subtle maintaing the integrity in composition of light and darknes with a touch of a NeoBaroque style which can only be seen on his work. Fusing modern art with a touch of classical technique to a canvas which only and example of a contemporary reinterpretation of a modern item in a Diego Velazquez setting could  prove my point like this:


For me This fusion created by Jaime Rosa Is a fresh start and evidence that even the old style movements with a little twist ofm art can give rise to a Impressive array of work that can be appreciated by even the most untrained eye. Making this quality the most powerful weapon to its advantage

La pareja 28 x 40

In my opinion there are lots of good artist in Puerto Rico but only one artist that I can recall can achive the grade of complexity of such caliber painting and that is why I consider Jaime Rosa one of the greatest new talents in Puerto Rico and one of the smartest investment in any modern Puerto Rican Art, Because is just a matter of time when we will see Rosa’s work hanging in every Puerto Rico Museum.


The Ipad Bodegon

By Joey Medrano


Francisco Rodon And Marta Traba

Image To many Marta Traba was consider one of the best art critics in latin america, but to Puerto Rico she was more than just a simple critic, In my opinion one of the driving force that made Puerto Rico Art blossom in the 70. Why do I say this? Puerto Rico  was in a transitional period where most painters where stuck between what was called ” Costumbrismo”, and thanks to positive and negative feedback from Traba to the art community, Puerto Rico started Producing what I consider the greatest decade of Modern Puertorrican Art, Take for Example Francisco Rodon painting of Luis Munoz Marin, Julio Rosado del Valle Abstract Expressionist painting and Myrna Baez Works. Not many people know this information but the best work in Rodon case was consider a project called “Personajes” which started in 1971 and Needless to say his First painting wasn’t Luis Munoz Marin, It was Marta Traba a 73 by 50 canvas painting started in 1971 and finished in 1972, Its remarkable to think that he selected her for his first painting on the Personajes Serie. Its sad to say that the the First painting of his greatest series isn’t in a Puerto Rico Collection or in a Puerto Rican Museum instead is Located in Cali, Colombia at the ” Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, But The Picture in this blog Is a Monotype Work which was painted By Francisco Rodon in 2009 which is Located in Puerto Rico Territory.

By Joey Medrano

A couple Picture of Francisco Rodon painting the Monotype of the Marta Traba.




Carlos Santiago The Blender of Dark Colors

LA Paloma Con La Nina
24 by 36 oil on canvas

Once in a while you find a Rare Talent in the World of Art to me is called Carlitos but to others he’s called Carlos Santiago Know who is Carlos Santiago? Well word are  hard to express his genius to me I consider him an Abstract Expresionist painter with a strong influence of non other than Julio Rosado del Valle. It is needless to say his education which is compose by a Bachelor and a Master in Art with a  2 years studies experience in Paris plus one of the greatest mentor Alfonso Arana, His paint its the  expression of a dark radiant color structure Composition. Now!!! What is the quality that bring my attention to his painting? Diversity, I haven’t seen a Artist who has so many diferent themes  but maintaining the same patterns of composition using black color. He’s best works are composed by Las Madonas, Traffics, Flowers, Monotypes and Many More!!!


Many people that are starting collection ask me on which artist they should invest, And I always give them the  Same Answear Carlitos. Once they see his work the rest is history, and I think that this is part of the magic on his paintings. Most of his painting are in  Large Format while He  also works small size sculpture with compositional similarity to his painting.

La Niñera La Negra
36 by 48 oil on canvas
Impresive painting depicting a Accident from an upper view Point
Black and Blue bring the beauty of this painting.
Florero 36 by 48. Oil on Canvas
Simple but with a powerful black statement

“Florero” is one of his First works on the composition of flower vases and You can see clearly that this kind of work has a magical sense to it, when you start visualizing dark tone with the fusion of all the 4 types of blues selected by me for this piece, the final result was magnificent. This is Why I consider Time is Favoring Carlos Santiago because with the pass of time his work have mature into monumental masterpieces that in a near  future we will “ahhh” in the presence of the Them.  In my opinion Carlos Santiago will surely become the next Rosado del Valle of our Generation here in Puerto Rico.


By Joey Medrano